Round the Churches

Dunnottar and South Churches

On the first Sunday of Christmas, the Rev. Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship.

Reflecting on the significance of presents Rosslyn showed a much-treasured DVD she had been given on Christmas morning. This gift not only indicated her loved one’s care for her but also his foresight to know the enjoyment she would experience watching it.

She told us how the gifts of the Magi to the child showed their foresight in their acknowlegment of who Jesus was; gold symbolising the belief in His kingship; frankincense in His divine priesthood; myrrh in the sacrificial purpose of His coming.

Contemplating hopes and dreams the congregation enjoyed the beauty of the pulpit fall depicting ‘Flight into Egypt’.

Rosslyn explained that, just as God had used a dream to tell Joseph of the baby’s forecoming birth, so also a dream was used to tell him to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt escaping Herod’s threat. These dreams signified God’s spiritual presence and His desire to protect us in this world of suffering.

Rosslyn’s reassuring words about God’s care and protection led to a heightened awareness of God’s Spirit as she led her congregation in their prayers for this suffering world.

South Church - January 5 - at 10.30, morning worship led by Rev Rosslyn Duncan.

Baptist Buzz

Being the last one of the year, our service last Sunday took the form of a Thanksgiving Service.

Led by Andy Vinten, he began by reminding/advising us of six reasons why we should be thankful.

1. It is the duty of all creation to praise God. Psalm 148 states that all creation (ie sun and moon etc); all animals - livestock and “creeping things”; and all people “young and old” should praise God.

2 He has given us His word that we might know Him. See Psalm 138 and Isaiah 43

3. Jesus is risen from the dead. In John 17 as Jesus prays we see the relationship between the Father and the Son. He has given us everything we need for life and in the church He turns a motley crew into a community united around the gospel.

4. We are told to rejoice in our trials. James tells us to consider it joy when we face trials! Is he joking? We have to try and remember that trials come from the Father and He knows what will help us to grow

5. Our names are written in the book of life. (Luke 10) We can rejoice because we are eternally secure.

6. We have an everlasting reason to rejoice. The life filled with praise sets us apart from the world.

The service included a time when we could share, or write down, some things for which we were thankful to God in 2013.

Focus on Fetteresso

With family and friends present, it was a joy filled service as baby Olivia Maisie Violet Wright was christened.

Rev. Fyfe Blair drew our attention to the lovely antique shawl that has been used since her great grandmothers day, as an illustration of the continuity of God’s love wrapped around us. Her parents received a candle to light on each anniversary of this special day.

God has used many symbols throughout the bible to demonstrate his great love for us; in a christening, water symbolises God’s blessing.

The reading was Romans 5 1-8 titled ‘Peace and Hope’. Fyfe asked three young helpers from the congregation to display a time line: past, present and future. String was used to represent ties to the past and present issues and getting tied up in knots. Focusing on those burdens we are not free to live and serve as best we can. The scissors used to cut the string symbolised how Jesus cuts us free. The resulting freedom is the Christian lifestyle Jesus calls us to.

As we look to 2014 we can see a new way with God, to become shining beacons of light, that others would see Christ in every Christian they meet.

The full sermon can be heard online at The full service is available on CD upon request at the church office.

Many church activities will resume from January 5, including Jigsaw for the school age children, Boys Brigade, Paint and Pray