Round the Churches

Dunnottar and

South Churches

On Sunday, the Rev Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship as the church commerated the last day of Christmas and the first Sunday of 2014.

The congregation reflected on the gospel of Matthew and the account of the genealogy of Jesus, a lineage which could be traced to three significant events in Jewish history: God’s Covenant with Abraham, God’s Covenant with David and the event of the exile into Babylon. Matthew noted how each of these events was 14 generations from the previous one and thus the coming of Jesus is proclaimed as the coming of the Messiah, the fulfillment of Jewish history.... of God’s promise to Israel, the Chosen People.

Luke on the other hand celebrated the universal humanity of Christ giving us in Chapter 3 a genealogy traced back to the Creation of Adam. This is a gospel to be proclaimed to the Gentiles emphasising the universal humanity of our Lord.

Following the reading from John Chapter 1 Rosslyn explained how this gospel,the latest to be written celebrates the divine nature of Christ as the Eternal Word of God who is there from everlasting to everlasting and who became one of us in ‘the Word made flesh’.

This Sunday, January 12, morning worship at Dunnottar at 1030am will be led by Rosslyn Duncan

Today (Thursday), Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget’s from 10-1130am; Monday, January 13, Bible Appreciation Group at St. Bridget’s at 2pm,; Tuesday, January 14, Dunnottar Guild at St. Bridget’s 7.30pm Rev.Rosslyn Duncan ‘Trip To The Holy Land’; Wednesday January 15, Rainbow Whist at St Bridget’s 2 - 4pm - £2

News from St James

Sunday, January 5, was a special day, especially for children at St James. Our newest, youngest member was introduced and baptised – Ellie, but a few months old. She was supported by brother Calum and numerous cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles – together with as children of our Sunday group.

As well as remembering the festival day (Epiphany, which records the arrival of the Wise Men from the East) it gave us all the opportunity to remember our Baptismal Promises. It was a very happy occasion, and the children particularly enjoyed the Bethlehem crib scene.

Normally we would be removing the crib along with the other Christmas decorations on January 6, but we are leaving the crib scene for another week, as this Sunday will be an All Age Service, and children and adult helpers will be putting on the children’s play ‘Babushka’ – to which all are welcome!

St James and St Philips wish everyone in Stonehaven and Catterline a very happy New Year.

Baptist Buzz

Do you ever listen to night-time radio? Last Saturday night I couldnt sleep (old age?) and tuned in to Radio 5 - myfavourite news and sports programme. There was a lively debate about the church and the Christian faith. The atheist participant was on the attack - modernise or die, he claimed. Briefly it highlights the fact that the Christian faith and the secular, liberal humanist world are on a collision course (and always have been).

We stand for the historic Christian faith as contained in the Bible. As Voltaire said “I may disagree with you but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. Yes, freedom of speech and toleration are being sidelined and supplanted by mockery and ridicule. This is one of the signs of the times and the task of the church is to address that situation.

Our communion service last Sunday was led by Andy Vinten. He read from Genesis 28 - Jacob meeting the Lord at Bethel. Jacob attempts to make a deal with God with conditions but God overrides this with an unconditional covenant of grace.

Our guest preacher was Rev Douglas Hutcheon. The text for his sermon was the opening verses of Romans 12. We are living in times of rapid change and God wants us to change. He is in the business of spiritual transformation. The Christian life is continual transformation into the image of Jesus Christ. The motivation for change is the grace of of God. What is our response to this grace? It is praise, worship and gratitude. This must be shown in action, in our bodies minds and spirits.

We must be transformed by the renewing of our mind. The word of God and the Holy Spirit are the means of spiritual change. We change from the inside out on a daily basis. We may need to “clear the loft” and get rid of the clutter in our lives.

Focus on Fetteresso

The minister started the service by showing the children a map which can be used to find a certain place; the Magi didn’t have a map but they followed a star until it stopped over the place where Jesus lay in the stable. As Christians we don’t have a map or a compass either, but we do have the Bible, and as we read it the Holy Spirit guides us through life.

The reading from 1st Timothy chap1 v 6-11 is part of the letter that Paul wrote to Timothy, his protégé and leader of the Ephesian church. Timothy faced many challenges and pressures from within the church and from outside, so Paul warns him against false teaching, gives him instructions on church matters, and encourages him in his faith.

He urges Timothy to stop the arguments and confrontation within the church which were taking energy away from the Christian message. He points out that the ultimate goal is love which comes from a pure heart, clear conscience and genuine faith.

The letter is a mission document to heal and restore the congregation, so that they could live a life of faith.

All the regular activities are starting up again at Fetteresso Church for up-to-date information on these please ask at the office or look on the church’s Facebook page.