Round the Churches

Dunnottar and South Churches

At morning worship last Sunday, Rev Rosslyn Duncan spoke to the children about the story of Abraham who was told he would have as many descendants as there are stars in the sky. We are all his descendants as part of Gods family.

Isla Mowat, daughter of Euan and Christina Mowat and sister of Cameron, was baptised during the service.

In her sermon, Rosslyn spoke of the role of women in the Church over the years. The current moderator of the Church of Scotland is a woman and she had spoken of what it was like to be a woman in the Church today---better than it was but it was a difficult history with Eve in the story of the Garden of Eden as the reason for the fall of Adam.

It is human nature to blame others when things go wrong. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent. Children have to learn what is right and wrong and about the consequences of our choices.

Temptation comes every time we make a choice-to act in our own interests not thinking about others .The period of Lent is a time for us to think about what God is calling us to do with the gifts we have to help other 

This Saturday, March 15, Dunnottar Church will be holding its spring coffee morning and fair in the Town Hall from 10-12. Go along and browse (and buy!) at the baking, books and red-white-blue stalls as well as enjoying a coffee and a fancy piece!

Baptist Buzz

Last Sunday, Pastor Nathan Young’s sermon was entitled “The Rich Reward of Discipleship and concluded our study of Mark 10 :17-31 when Jesus encountered the rich young ruler. We looked at Jesus’ explanation of the meeting.

The young man could not give up his wealth to follow the king. As he saw it, the price was far too high. The cost of following Jesus is limitless, but He gave His life for us, so there is nothing too great to ask of us.

Denying ourselves to follow Jesus - is it really worth it? “Not only would I have more of my income I would have my weekends free too.” If you have never thought that, maybe you are not sacrificing much. The gospel calls us to deny ourselves and follow Jesus.

News from St James and St Philips

The 10.30 service on Sunday was an All-Age Service, conducted by Rev Lizzie Campbell, assisted by members of our Junior Sunday Group. She began by reading a letter of thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of our coffee morning on Saturday, despite the inclement weather.

The theme for the day was ‘Temptation’ and the two readings were from Genesis, which told of the original temptation of Adam and Eve, and the Gospel which told of the temptation of Jesus in the desert. The stories were re-told in a ‘story-time’ form read by one of the Sunday Club members, and their leader delivered a story illustrating the temptations that children may be subjected to: a boy was tempted to win popularity by joining in the bullying of another pupil. Showing that everyone can be tempted at some time. The children then led the singing of a popular hymn, sung ‘in the round’ – Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. The service was a really joyful 

The afternoon service at St Philip’s, Catterline, was a sung Eucharist, led by the rector, the Rev Maggie Jackson who also delivered the address. Again she based her sermon on the two readings about temptation. She quoted from early theologians, including St Augustine, the fourth century African bishop, who wrote that there was a restlessness in our hearts that can only be satisfied when we rest in God.

In the Gospel reading Jesus is tempted by the devil who insinuates that God is not to be trusted. By trying to plant insecurity in his mind.

In our own lives we find advertisements making promises that if we buy this particular product it will guarantee us the kind of lifestyle that would enable us to discover our identity and move closer to having a meaningful life.

The point is not that the products are bad, but that we expect too much – they will not actually change our 

Jesus shows the way to resist temptation by finding our identity in our relationship with God. Maggie also reminded us that temptation is not a once for all situation, but even Jesus had to face temptation time and time again.

Focus on Fetteresso

On Sunday 16th after the sermon, the Guild will be providing a soup and sweet lunch. This will be a chance to eat and chat together with old friends and new. The money raised from donations will go to the good causes supported by The Guild.

This month, the Far and Wide shop are raising funds for The Tumaini Fund. This Christian organisation gives help to widows and orphans left behind when a father dies of AIDS in Tanzania. Your donations are most welcome.

Last Sunday we continued to study 1st Timothy (5:17 – 6:2). Fyfe pointed out that the Christian family is based on care and respect for one another. Each of us has our role to play in our families, our communities, our world and our church. If we base our lives on Jesus’ teachings and example, we will have good character and show the same virtues as He did. We will be more than respectable; we will be worthy of respect. Find out about all the activities at the church by visiting our website at .