Round the Churches

The children from Kids' Praise, Stonehaven South Church received their prize giving books at their Celebration Service.
The children from Kids' Praise, Stonehaven South Church received their prize giving books at their Celebration Service.

Baptist Buzz

Last Sunday, Pastor Nathan continued our study in Philippians; looking at Chapter 2 verses 1-4 - Developing Unity. Nathan explained that verses one and two should be lined up alongside each year to see how each instruction relates.

1. Be like minded people - Not by our own will-power but by our identity with Christ.

2. Have the same love: Jesus is the source of all love in the church - a multi-directional circular kind of love. The love God showed us is the ultimate demonstration. How do we love the people in our church?

3. One in Spirit: because we have a common Spirit in Christ. he Holy Spirit at work in us gives us the capacity to work alongside others.

4. Of one mind: similar to like-minded. Christ is the source of all affection in the church - tenderness, compassion and empathy.

We need to set aside our own self interest and magnify Jesus.

Dunnottar linked with South

Rev Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all present and all listening to the recording of the service. Being Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church, the church was festooned with balloons, bunting and candles.

In her all age talk Rosslyn spoke about the Holy Spirit and how, although we cannot see it, it comes as a gift to everyone and all can be blessed with grace, love and the power of God.

Rosslyn then referred to the flowers which are given Sunday by Sunday, each one celebrating the richness of God’s creation.

We should consider Paul’s image of the church as a body with Christ as the head and the heart keeping the church alive and energised and each of us playing our part as the different parts of a body working together and worshipping together.

Tea and coffee was served after the service when the congregation could enjoy a time of fellowship.

On Sunday afternoon the minister conducted a service at Edenholme for the residents and friends.

The Bible Appreciation Group met in St Bridget’s on Monday afternoon.

As usual there was coffee on Thursday morning in St Bridget’s when groups of ladies supply home baking and a coffee – all are welcome to attend from 10–11.30am every Thursday.

A Craft Group meets in the South Conservatory on Thursday afternoons from 2–4pm for some craft work and a refreshment.

This Saturday, June 14, there will be a Strawberry Tea in the South Church Hall from 2–4pm Tickets £3 from Karen Smith or any Elder. Dunnottar Kirk Session will meet in the Upper Room of the church next Wednesday, June 18, at 7pm and reports were due by June 11.

Dunnottar Sunday School Presentation Service is on Sunday, June 22, the last day of the session.

Intimations for both Dunnottar and South services should be sent to the office by Thursday 9am to or 01569 760930.

The minister can be contacted by e-mail” or 01569 762166 or 07899 878427.

Hospital and Residential Home visiting – please advise the minister or any Elder of any patient who would welcome a visit.

News from St James’

Last Sunday was the Birthday of the Church – Pentecost or Whitsunday – and the congregations celebrated this as a truly joyful occasion.

For the morning service, the church of St James was decorated with streamers and balloons in red, orange and yellow – symbolising the Holy Spirit which was described in the book of Acts as ‘descending upon the apostles likes tongues of fire.’

Rev Lizzie Campbell conducted the All Age service which began with inspiring hymns, the children waving their ‘tongues of fire’ as they proceeded round the church. Lizzie began her address with a reference to the Feein’ Market, in particular the obvious enjoyment that children found in going up and down the bouncy castle and the huge inflated slide.

We can’t see air in balloons or bubbles, but we can see the difference when they are filled with air. And it is the same for us, we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

At St Philip’s, Rev Maggie began by wishing ‘Happy Birthday, Church!’. She took up the theme of that first Pentecost. Thousands of people were celebrating, they all experienced the wind and fire, 3000 were baptised – the Church was born. Pentecost should be the third great festival of the church, after Christmas and Easter. But whereas once when we were young we might celebrate our birthdays with bouncy castles and balloons, as we get older we might feel birthdays are no big deal. The way we celebrate – or don’t celebrate – Pentecost is a kind of parable. People seem to want to be comfortable – they want the benefits of the Holy Spirit, but not to actually experience it – we must be careful not to be too exuberant.

With the Holy Spirit we can see the church filled with life and vitality. When we are filled with the holy spirit we can show the world what God is like and fulfil his intentions for us.