Round the Churches

Churches barbecue

Local churches will join together for family worship and barbecue at Dickson Hall, Station Road, Laurencekirk, this Sunday June 22. This is an annual get together of the Church of Scotland congregations from Laurencekirk, Marykirk and Luthermuir and begins at 11am.

The worship, will be livened up by the Laurencekirk Music Group. The following barbecue is usually much enjoyed and the sweet course is sure to add the inches. All are assured of a warm welcome.

News from St James’

This Sunday was celebrated as Trinity Sunday, when we acknowledge God in ‘three persons’ – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Rev Maggie Jackson celebrated the Eucharist and preached on the theme from Matthew, 28.16-20 and the verse ‘Make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’

Maggie began with a short anecdote: During the post-service coffee time, a gleeful shout went up “’I’ve found a tenner!”. But no bank note was forthcoming, rather it was an embarrassed stranger who had been chatting to the organist (who had shouted) – “But I haven’t sung for years.”

Maggie continued the musical theme as an extended metaphor. The shortage of male singers has resulted in music publishers adapting settings from the traditional Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass to a simpler Soprano-Alto-Men – three part harmony, instead of four. Sometimes singers sing in unison, but best of all is when all three parts blend together in glorious harmony, which is greater than the sum of its parts.

On Trinity Sunday we remember that God is both three and one – not three separate gods, but definitely three persons.

Dunnottar and South Churches

In calling the congregation to worship , the Rev Rosslyn Duncan reassured us of the omnipresent and eternal reality of God as Father, Son and Spirit as we were moved to praise Him in the great Trinitarian Hymn Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. Reflecting on the beauty of Psalm 8, a psalm where God is held in awe not only in the psalmist’s contemplation of creation but also for the reality that we, God’s creatures have been indeed made merely ‘a little lower than the angels.’

The congregation aim to take this responsibility seriously as it strives to look after the resources of the planet with the guidance of the Church Eco group, thus becoming faithful stewards of God’s earth.

The sense of quiet reflection engendered by Rosslyn’s message was further enhanced by the Choir’s rendering of the anthem ‘Be still for the glory of the Lord the Holy One is here’. Worship continued with the Choir then enthusiastically leading the congregation in two further songs proclaiming the Joy of living in the Spirit of God.

Sunday June 22: Morning Worship at Dunnottar Sunday School Service and Sacrament of Baptism 10.30am. All are Welcome.

Thursday June 19: Fellowship Coffee St Bridget’s 10-11.30am. Craft Group South Church Conservatory 2-4pm.

Baptist Buzz

Have you ever worked for a voluntary organisation? It can be a frustrating experience…..a group of people wanting to “do good” can sometimes end up at each others’ throats because they can’t agree what should be done.

Rules and regulations add external pressure to the pot, and before you know it there is a toxic mix of blame and accusation which can only end in tears: “don’t they realise I’m only a volunteer?”

The local church is not immune from such things.

The church in Philippi, to whom Paul wrote, was a case in point.

Two ladies in the church were striving with one another, and this infected the whole congregation. What was Paul’s advice to them? It was to consider Christ Jesus.

On Sunday, Pastor Nathan encouraged us at Stonehaven Baptist Church, to be of full accord and of one mind, as we consider Christ Jesus our Lord.