Round the churches

News from St James

The 10.30 Eucharist was conducted lastSunday by the Rector, Rev Maggie Jackson, and she prefaced the service with a reminder that there would be a celebration afterwards in the church hall, to mark the golden wedding anniversaries of both our Lay Readers, Arma and Anne, and their respective husbands , Peter and David. ’.

Anne preached at the service on the theme of a phrase in the Gospel reading (Matthew 16. 16-19) where children were disappointed because people would not join in their games of weddings and funerals. Jesus used this as an example of the way that the Scribes and Pharisees rejected John the Baptist as a madman from the desert, and Jesus as far too friendly with the wrong kind of people.

After the service, all retired to the hall, where a party atmosphere was created by gaily laid-up tables, with fine pieces and a grand cake, as well as fizzy drinks and cups of coffee and tea.

Anne and Arma want to thank all the members of our Social Committee who worked so hard to set up the hall and serve the goodies, and were especially appreciative of the beautiful yellow and gold flowers in the sanctuary, as well as the mountain of greetings cards received by our two happy couples.

Baptist Buzz

We had a wonderful time in Johnshaven last week, with activities in Wairds Park and the Kirk Hall, which has been transformed into a tearoom. It will be open every Sunday afternoon over the summer from 4-6pm. Please come and visit, everyone is welcome!

Our church was blessed by a visiting team of Christians from Indiana (USA) this week. They helped us clean and paint the Kirk Hall to prepare for the tearoom. Their pastor, Tobby Smith, preached for on Sunday from Acts 1:1-9, about Jesus’ parting words before he left his disciples to go back to his Father in heaven. Jesus had told them earlier that it would be to their advantage that he would leave them: “Whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do, and greater works than these will he do…. because I am going to the Father”.

Focus on Fetteresso

We were delighted last Sunday to wish a happy 40th wedding anniversary to Robert and Hazel Bell, dearly loved members of our church family. We also bade farewell to two of our young families who are off to pastures new.

Sunday morning’s service was the start of our summer series, during which the responsibility for each aspect of the service will be shared amongst members of the congregation – we look forward to the variety that will inevitably bring, whilst wishing Fyfe and Gillian a happy and relaxing period of rest and relaxation when it comes!

Fyfe is, nevertheless, with us for a couple more Sundays and this week led us in a reflection on Psalm 92, a Psalm of celebration and praise, focussed on what should be our wonder at the mystery of creation and our God who is responsible for it.

Dunnottar linked with South

On Sunday we gathered at the South Church and were welcomed by our minister Rev Rosslyn Duncan.

In her sermon “pulling together”, Rosslyn admitted to being a “control freak”, who finds it difficult to ask for help. For many people it is difficult to admit that they need help, our pride can be a stumbling block.

The congregation affirmed their faith by saying the “Apostle’s Creed” then everyone was invited to join in the celebration of the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Before the blessing, Rosslyn sked everyone to remember the families of Bill Craigen and Margaret Reid in their prayers.