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Baptist Buzz

Several of our members were at the annual assembly of the Scottish Baptists in Motherwell last week. They return with fresh ideas for renewing and reinvigorating the local church. Churches which are expanding are involved with their local community running a cafe and a bookshop and assisting those in need. Rhona, Allan and Jack shared with us their reflections on the assembly. Among the activities of our church is a parenting seminar on Sunday evenings. We are planning, and looking forward to a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Dr Andy Vinten led our service. His sermon focused on Stephen, the martyr, and he noted that the Holy Spirit’s work provokes persecution - the Son provides redemption, and the Father pursues people. The church in Jerusalen was growing so they set aside 7 men to supervise the ministry of serving the food and caring for the widows. Why was there opposition? Because the people reacted against the gospel because they were disobedient or “stiff-necked”.

The Zone resumes this Friday (November 7) at Carronhill from 7.15pm. All S1-S6 students are welcome.

News from St James and St Philip’s

Two important dates in the Church calendar were celebrated at St James this Sunday: in the morning we celebrated All Saints, when we remembered all those faithful souls who make up the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ but are not named or famous saints. In the evening we remembered the ‘Faithful Departed’ in the celebration of All Souls. Both celebrations were conducted by Rector, Rev Maggie Jackson.

At the 10.30 service, Maggie began by reminding the congregation of two services in the coming week. The Wednesday Eucharist would be combined with the Healing Service for the winter months. And this Sunday, November 9, would be celebrated as Remembrance Sunday. The main morning service would begin at 10.45 and would comprise the traditional Remembrance Service – this will be an ecumenical service where the ‘colours’ of all our uniformed brigades would be paraded – all are welcome to attend.

The address at the 10.30 Eucharist was delivered by Lay Reader, Anne, who reminded the congregation that all who are filled with the spirit of God are saints. She gave as an example an older woman who all her life had taken care of the young and not-so-young in her village and in the factory where she worked. When she died at age 77 in a road accident, her prayer-book was found, open at the day’s prayers and readings.

Anne ended her address with a reading of the poem by Brenda Rodgers who wrote ‘I was dusting the bedroom when I discovered God…’

The celebration of All Souls was a prayerful and meaning-full remembrance of those whom we have known and still love, though we no longer see them.

Stonehaven South linked with Dunnottar

When is a candlestick not a candlestick? When it is the shaded area between two faces.

People do not always recognise everything they see and when someone is ill, it can be easy to ‘lose’ the person in the illness.

Rosslyn used this image to introduce and highlight the work of Crossreach, the Church of Scotland social care charity. This is the beginning of ‘Crossreach Week’ and we were lucky to have Gordon Edgar with us to tell us of the many facets of the work of Crossreach.

For young and old, help is available in the form of care homes for the elderly and vulnerable, support for families, drug addicts, those with mental illness to name but a few and the Bungalow and Clashfarquhar here in Stonehaven are part of the Crossreach network.

Lots of interesting dates for your diary this week:

Today (Thursday) - coffee at St Bridget’s 10-1130; Craft Group in South Conservatory 2-4; Kirk Session meet in Conservatory at 7.30; tomorrow (Friday) - 4-5 pm Brand new Be Creative Art Group for P5 and over. Come and enjoy the fun; Saturday, November 8 - coffee morning in the South Church Hall 10-12. Donations welcome but come and enjoy the festive goodies, craft and home bake stalls to name but a few. Contact Karen on 763380 if you need goods collected. Tickets at £2.50 and £1. Great value!

Also on November 8 is the first rehearsal for the Nine Lessons and Carols. Love singing? Come to St Bridget’s on Saturday from 5-6.

November 9 is Remembrance Sunday and the service will be held at St James’s. No service at Dunnottar.