Round the Churches

Stonehaven Dunnottar linked with South

Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship on the third Sunday in Advent.

The candle which represents ‘watching and waiting in Joy’, was lit. The service was indeed joyful and prepared all present for the wonderful celebration to come.

Mrs Ray MacMillan accompanied the congregation as they sang the hymn’ Like a candle flame’. This introduced a time of fellowship based on the power of music. The Granite City Brass Ensemble led as the congregation sang much loved Christmas carols.

The focus on Joy was further enhanced as Dunnottar Sunday School enacted, with great charm, the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus. No one could fail to feel uplifted, as they left church to the brass band’s playing of Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christmas services: 6pm: Christingle: Dunnottar, 11pm: Carols: South, 11pm: Watchnight: South

Christmas Day: 10am: South. Sunday December 28: 10.30am: St Bridget’s

Cyrenians: we continue to collect tinned / dried foodstuffs, toiletries and cold weather items: hats, gloves,thick socks for the local homeless. Please contribute as you are able.

Today (Thursday) - last Thursday Coffee of 2014. Service resumes: Thursday January 8 2015.

Sunday, December 21: Fourth Sunday of Advent : South: Nativity service with South Kids Praise. 10.30am

Send any intimations for both congregations to Pat at St Bridget’s office. (01569 760930)

Copy all intimations to the Minister, email on

Hospital and residential home visiting: advise the minister or any elder of any patient who would welcome such a visit.

Baptist Buzz

On Wednesday, December 24, we hope you will join our Christmas Eve Carol Service in St Bridgets Hall, starting at 6:30 pm.

Look out for a lovely invite in your letterbox this week, designed by the older children from the Zone club, and a beautiful Christmas card by one of the younger children.

This Sunday afternoon, December 21, Jesus’ birth will also be celebrated in Johnshaven with carols and readings, starting at the Kirk Hall at 4:30pm, going to the Ship Inn, the harbour and finishing back in the Kirk Hall for refreshments.

All welcome!

In the meantime we are learning why Jesus had to come. He came to save us from our sins, like pride, envy, and selfishness.

We might say and think: I live for Jesus. Really?

Do we plan our lives with his kingdom in the forefront of our mind when we decide where to live or which job to go for? What about our spending (time and money)?

How much do we speak about ourselves in conversations and how much are we really interested in others, and seek their wellbeing? Who is number one, and who comes last?

News from St James and St Philips

Saturday proved to be a very busy time for the working team at St James.

The Book Browse, which has seen several successful events, once again engaged the imagination and stamina of all involved.

The Book Browse, the brain-child of David and Diane, supported by Laura, Anne and many others, calls for a great deal of physical effort: shifting over 2500 books and arranging them according to category and author.

And this time, there was a surprise visit from Santa and Mrs Santa – much enjoyed by the children who sat and chatted awhile before receiving their surprise gifts.

While this was going on, the Tree of Life in the church grounds received visitors in their dozens, who wrote the names of loved ones who had passed on, on Christmas baubles, which were then hung on the tree, to remain there until after the New Year.

Many people find this a meaningful way of remembering their family members at Christmastime.

Forthcoming Christmassy events are today (Thursday) at 10.45 the Christingle service for the nursery groups in the church – all are welcome.

And visitors may like to visit to see our Bethlehem crib scene.

Then this coming Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in Advent, will see the Nine Lessons and Carols – a joyful and popular event that appeals to many folk.

This begins at 4pm.

A small group have been studying some of the more popular carols as a preparation after the 10.30 Eucharist on Wednesday mornings throughout Advent.

On Sunday, the All Age Service was led by the Rev Lizzie Campbell, who involved two men from the congregation in acting out a short drama called ‘the Spy’ which explained how it came about that the Herodians knew about the work and intention of John the Baptist, and particularly how John’s denunciation of Herod’s adulterous marriage with his current wife (formerly married to his brother) would be made known – and thus ‘sign his own death warrant’.

At St Philip’s we were greeted with a forest of Christmas trees, which were decorated in connection with a Christmas Tree competition run by the Community Church, who later would hold their Christmas Carol Service.

Rev Maggie Jackson led the Eucharist and preached on the theme of John’s ministry – likening his ministry to the ‘warm-up act’ of a pop concert – John always denied that he was the main event, but he was the final warm-up, when he left the stage the star of the show (Jesus) would appear, a light blazing on the stage of history.

Christmas Eve falls on Wednesday, December 24, and midnight Mass will begin at 11.30, with an address and carols, and the first Mass of Christmas.

On Christmas Day, there will be a celebration of the Eucharist at 9.30 with carols.

All are welcome to any of our celebrations.

It is very important for us, this year, as this will be the final Christmas celebrated in our church by the Rev Maggie Jackson and the Rev Lizzie Campbell.

They are moving on in the new year to take up a calling in a parish in Jarrow.

They will be missed by the congregations of St James and St Ternan’s.

All services will continue, thanks to support from Bishop Nigel, and Rev Jane Nelson, as well as the Lay Readers and Eucharistic Ministers of both churches.