Round the Churches

The latest from churches around Kincardine and Mearns

Baptist Buzz

A buzz signifies a hive of activity; a sound arising from people who are co-operating for the same purposes. We don’t just recall the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas time but celebrate His coming into the world to save sinners like us.

Last Sunday we again met in our church office in Arbuthnott Place. Our pastor being on holiday, Jack Girdwood led the worship and preached on the faithfulness of God.

Jack reflected on the lives of Abraham, Ruth and Naomi, and Jeremiah. Abraham obeyed God and left his comfortable home. Although he did not know where he was going he was confident in God.

Ruth identified herself with Naomi, although she was a Moabite, detested by Jewish people for historical reasons. In God’s purpose, Boaz married Ruth and their son was the ancestor of David.

Jeremiah told the truth and was hated for it. He was regarded as being unpatriotic. He warned of coming invasion and disaster - and it happened. He prophesied that after 70 years Israel would return and be free. Just as then, God promises spiritual prosperity for us today.

News from St James and St Philips

The celebrations this Sunday were mixed – both joyful and with a touch of sadness.

The congregation of St Ternan’s, Muchalls, joined together with the congregation from St James to celebrate the Eucharist for the Epiphany (the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus.

Being the Epiphany, the Magi were indeed in evidence in the Bethlehem tableau and these visitors from the East were the focus of the Rev Maggie Jackson’s address. She was joined in the celebration of the Eucharist by Rev Lizzie Campbell, and between them they administered communion or blessings to all present. This was to be their last service before they move south to the parish of Simonstown in Jarrow, where Lizzie will take up her ministry as Priest in Charge. Maggie, and her husband Roy, move to the same area to take up Maggie’s retirement (well, semi-retirement – we doubt she will sit still for long!)

The congregations of St James and St Ternan’s were joined by a number of visitors to the town for the last weekend of the holidays before children return to school. The collection was generous – and donated to the Roof Garden Fund of ARI.

After the service, the congregations moved to the Hall for the celebration lunch of soup and sandwiches, provided by the energetic members of St James’ Social Group. St Ternan’s also provided the fine pieces to take with coffee or tea.

Once the eating and socialising was over, Professor Peter Sharp, Rector’s Warden of St James, gave a ‘farewell speech’ in his usual humorous way –and presented gifts to the two clergy on behalf of the congregation of St James (St Ternan’s had already made their presentation on a previous occasion).

As is customary with the Episcopal Church, the clergy will move within the next week, and since Monday we have been operating as a ‘vacant’ parish. As explained last week, our services at St James and St Ternan’s will continue to follow the established pattern until a new Rector is found. Services will be conducted by Rev Jane Nelson from Newtonhill, together with contributions from Dr Peter Smart, Warden of Readers for the Diocese, as well as +Nigel, Bishop of Brechin. Our two Lay Readers, Anne and Arma will continue as usual.

St James’ first service under the new regime will be on Wednesday at 10.30 – Healing Service and Eucharist, and on Sunday at 8.30 (Eucharist) and 10.30 All Age Service celebrating the Baptism of Christ, and 4.00 pm at St Philip’s, Catterline.