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Religious matters used to be a no-go area in our secular society but now Christianity often seems to be under attack. Given our recent affirmation of freedom of speech, surely Christians in our country are entitled to reply but often the Christian faith is stifled. British values, we are reminded, include tolerance and respect for others’ views. However, instead of respect there is often insult and ridicule.

Last Sunday we met at 10 am for communion led by Pastor Nathan. We continued our study of the seven deadly sins and looked at sloth! The couch potato comes to mind. It is more than laziness, it is failure to take responsibility in any area of our lives.

Before the sermon, the children of our congregation gave us a taste of what they have been learning in Sunday School recently. For the sermon Pastor Nathan continued our study of Exodus and reminded us that when criticising other people we are really seeking to elevate ourselves.

Tuesdays and Thursdays we meet at the church office at 7.30 pm. Sunday mornings and Friday evenings you can find us at Carronhill. See our website or facebook page for further details - or look out for a flyer coming through your letterbox.

Dunnottar linked with South Churches

Rev Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship, extending a particularly warm welcome to those visiting for the first time.

The scripture readings were from Deuteronomy (raising up of the Prophet) and Hebrews (Christ as High Priest). In her address, Rosslyn highlighted the significance of the number three for Christian life and worship from the triune nature of God as Father, Son and Spirit to the importance of sermons consisting of three bullet points, each of which have 1) a beginning or introduction, 2) a middle or body and 3) an end or conclusion.

She spoke of how in the Incarnation we acknowledge Jesus with three titles 1) Prophet, 2) Priest and 3) King. It is on this King’s authority that Rosslyn invited the congregation to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Today (Thursday), Fellowship Coffee 10-11.30am, St Bridget’s, All Welcome. Craft Group South Conservatory 2-4pm

Tomorrow (Friday), Lunch Club 12.30pm at St Bridget’s, £5. All Welcome.

Sunday, February 8, 10.30am, Morning Worship at Dunnottar Church Reverend Rosslyn Duncan

News from St James’

Our worship on Sunday at 10.30am took the form of Communion from the Reserved Sacrament, led by Lay Reader, Arma Iles, who began by reminding the congregation of the forthcoming Book Browse this Saturday, February 7, from 10am to 3pm, and asked for volunteers to help set up the hall on the Friday, from 9.30am onwards. The Book Browse is an ever-popular event, with literally thousands of books – and free coffee!

The service was to celebrate the Presentation of Christ in the Temple – popularly known as Candlemas. At the singing of the Gradual Hymn and during the reading of the Gospel, everyone held a lighted candle as a symbol of Christ coming into the world ‘the light to lighten the Gentiles’.

Our other Lay Reader, Anne Geldart, preached on this topic taken from the Gospel according to St Luke, but said her theme was about ‘being grateful’ – she referred to the old ceremony of ‘Thanksgiving after Childbirth’, also known as the ‘Churching’ of women. This was a ceremony that most of the older members would remember – a ceremony giving thanks for the safe delivery of a child.

In the case of the Gospel reading it was traditional for Jewish parents to bring the baby to the Temple in Jerusalem to give thanks and to make a gift to the Temple.

She ended her address by inviting the congregation to join in the singing of the Song of Simeon – which most of them remembered from years of attending Evensong.

Anne also announced that she was planning the Lent Course, which would be about ‘leading intercessions’ – times and dates to be arranged.