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Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship on the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany.

A special welcome was extended to the family and friends of Fergus Andrew Urquhart, son of Steven and Michelle. Fergus’s life was celebrated through the sacrament of baptism.

Scripture readings were taken from Isaiah and the gospel according to Mark. The readings focused on Jesus’ healing powers and on the proclamation of the Good News.

In the sermon which followed Rosslyn considered one of the most common questions asked “How do bad things happen to those doing good?”

God gives us freedoms and choices and when things happen outwith our control God is with us in our suffering. Jesus’ power is far greater than what he can do for individuals. The purpose of Jesus is to heal the whole of Creation. Through the power of the resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit each of us can find peace.

Magazine deadlines: March Dunnottar Spotlight; today (Thursday) to

Spring Southscene: Sunday 15 to

Today (Thursday): Fellowshp coffee 10 -11.30am All welcome.

Craft Group – South Conservatory 2 -4pm

Fairtrade Fortnight February 23 – March 8.

Fairtrade goods will be on sale: Saturday, February 28, 10 – noon at South, Sunday 1 March after morning worship at South and on Sunday, March 8, after morning worship at Dunnottar.

Secretary contact details: or on 01569 760930

Any intimations should be sent to the Minister at or by calling 762166 or 07899878427

Hospital and Residential Home Visiting: please advise the minister or any elder of any patient who would welcome a visit.

Baptist Buzz

Last Sunday, Pastor Nathan continued our study of Exodus. We had reached the final and most shocking plague which can leave us wondering about God’s purpose but as we look at it in more detail we realise it is the very basis of understanding Jesus’ death on the cross. It powerfully demonstrates God’s power over death and life but He protected His people completely. It reminds us of God’s mercy and grace and just as the Jewish people were told to tell future generations about the Passover,we too should be telling everyone we can about Jesus.

There is no Zone this Friday because of the mid-term holiday but normal service will be resumed on the 20th. You can catch us on Thursdays at the church office and on Sundays at Carronhill. See our website or facebook page for further details.

City Church South

At a recent service held at Mackie Academy in Stonehaven, City Church South celebrated its second birthday.

City Church is one that meets in a number of locations across the city and Shire. The South congregation that’s been meeting at Mackie has grown to around 90 adults plus children.

As part of the celebration of worship and thanks a special birthday cake had been made, candles lit by members of the church and blown out by the childrens group Making a Difference; a great time of celebration! The cake was later enjoyed by all over coffee and tea.

The service was then led by husband and wife team, site Pastors James and Tori Duce, with James later teaching on Galatians and the conversion of Paul in acts.

When the Apostle Paul experienced the grace of Christ on the Damascus road his life was transformed. Grace changes us from the inside out. Knowing Jesus and being filled with the holy spirit causes our lives to have new meaning, direction and purpose. Also during the service James and Tori Duce spoke of the excellent progress made over the last two year.

“When we first met in Stonehaven Community Centre in January of 2013, it was just a small group of families starting out on a new adventure. Now we have well over 100 people attending regularly and at our Christmas service we had over 200 people. This is great progress but it’s not all about our services, it’s about empowering our members to be good news and touch our communities with real tangible love in our everyday”

‘‘We are also particularly pleased at the development of Storehouse, where non-perishable food items and toiletries that are donated as part of our giving are distributed to people in need in the local community. We appreciate there are times when life isn’t easy and so as a church we want to be able to provide and serve our communities with real practical kindness.”

Worship is very lively and uplifting at City Church South and a warm welcome is always on offer. Breakfast is available from 10am with the service starting at 10.30 and normally lasting until approximately noon, finishing off with more tea and coffee and fellowship. For more info

News from St James and St Philip’s

The main service at St James was our All-Age Service, led by Lay Reader, Anne, who also delivered the address.

Anne began with the intimations – in particular congratulations and thanks to all who assisted in any way with the Book Browse on Saturday, which raised over £360 for the church Heating Fund. Our Social Committee would be meeting on Tuesday, February 10, to discuss future events.

Anne based her address on the idea of ‘Hallmarks’ or ‘Badges’. She began with a display of groceries – ably assisted by one of our Sunday Club pupils, Harriett. She pointed out the different trade labels and how we use these as a guideline to quality in the produce. But one tin had lost its label, so, she said ‘How are we to know what is in it? It could be baked beans – or dog-food’. She went on to talk about hallmarks on precious metals and what they convey – the place of manufacture, degree of purity, the designer or maker of the item and the date when the gold or silver were assayed. But discerning shoppers want to know more than the outward symbols: they are going to want to test, to see4 for themselves what the goods are really like.

Anne then described the secret invisible label that we bear – our baptism. We are a bit like the tin without a label: no-one can see what is inside us. An ancient Christian writer of the second century points out how difficult it is: he wrote ‘Christians cannot be distinguished from the rest of the human race by country or language or customs. They do not use a peculiar form of speech; they do not follow an eccentric manner of life. They dress just the same as the citizens of the country in which they dwell. But Christ was sent by God as Man to men, not to rule by tyranny or terror.

So, said Anne, we must live up to our invisible badge, our guarantee of quality – and even if we find it ever-so-hard and look back and say ‘failed again!’ But we can look forward and say ‘Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Every day let us say – I will try harder today.’

The evening Eucharist at St Philip’s was led by Rev Jane Nelson, who also preached on the theme of the ending of Christmas and the beginning of the new Christian year.

This Sunday is the true ending of the Christmas season, when the last vestiges of decorations were taken down, the Christmas trees were chopped up and the foliage mulched.

As we look forward, renewed, to the new year in the spirit.