Round the Churches

Baptist Buzz

The first thing we did last Sunday was say a prayer of thanks that the heating had been fixed. The previous week it had been rather cold to say the least, and we didn’t even have any penguins (like the advert). I guess they would have distracted us from the sermon.

No such excuses this week, and at Communion Pastor Nathan turned our attention to gluttony. Ouch! We’re all guilty of focusing on food, either positively or negatively.

The children updated us on their progress on learning the catechisms, and it was good to be reminded that God created us to be holy and happy till sin entered the world.

For the sermon, we continued our study of Exodus.

What a busy week we have had - Ladies Fellowship (crafts) on Monday, different groups on Tuesday and Thursday and The Zone on Friday.

You will find us at the church office during the week, and at Carronhill on Fridays and Sundays. Please check our website or facebook page for further details. You are very welcome to join us.

Dunnottar linked with South

Rev Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to Worship on the Second Sunday in Lent.

When speaking with the children she asked if any could remember their baptism to which the reply was ‘No’. She then told them about people being baptised as adults at Easter, having used the season of Lent to prepare for the event. When this happened they were often giving another name as well as the name they had had since childhood. Rosslyn then told her congregation how God gave Abram the name of Abraham when he promised to make him the Father of the multitudes and Sarai was given the name Sarah as she would be the one whom Kings would acknowledge as ‘Mother’.

The Lenten theme of promise and covenant was continued in the scripture reading from Genesis, the promise to Abraham that he would be the Father of many nations.

In her sermon, Rosslyn told us that one of the privileges she enjoys at the Manse is being able(away from the lights of the town) to stare at the stars in the sky on dark nights and to reflect on the greatness of God and His promise to Abraham. Abraham has indeed become the spiritual father of multitudes since the three great monotheistic faiths (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) all recognise themselves to be recipients of that original promise to be God’s people. The Apostle Peter recognised that fulfilment of God’s promise proclaiming Jesus as Messiah.

He and his fellow disciples had, however, yet to learn that the Messiah’s path was to be that of suffering and they also would be required to ‘take up the cross’ for His sake. Worship concluded with the congregation singing that great hymn of dedication to service ‘Oh Jesus I have promised to serve Thee to the end’.

Next Sunday March 8: 10.30am Morning Worship Dunnottar Church, Fair trade goods on sale following worship; Thursday March 5: 10-1130am Fellowship Coffee St Bridget’s, 2-4pm Craft Group South Conservatory; Friday March 6: 10.30am South Church World Day of Prayer, 12.30pm Lunch Club St Bridget’s £5.00, 4-5pm Be Creative Young Peoples’ Group St Bridget’s.

News from St James’

The congregation were happy to welcome the Bishop, Rt Rev Nigel Payton, to their 10.30 Eucharist this week. Bishop Nigel led the worship and preached on his theme, which was ‘You are never too old, too young or too anything to respond to God’s call.’

He referred to the call of Abraham, (Genesis, chapter 17) who was so old he said of himself his body was as good as dead. Yet when God told him that he would become the father of a multitude of nations, he responded – and 12 months later his wife produced their son, Isaac, who became the first of the generations which spread throughout the world and kept the covenant with the Lord..

Then the Bishop referred to the disciple whose name was Simon, and who could not accept that Jesus himself would suffer and die. Simon was the fearful one. In the reading from Mark 9, when Jesus was teaching that he himself would undergo great suffering and be rejected and be killed – Simon showed his fear and took Jesus to one side and ‘rebuked’ him. Jesus spoke quite sternly to him and said ‘Get behind me Satan!’ Jesus went on to tell the crowd that if they wanted to be his followers, they must take up their own crosses and follow him.

At the end of the service, the congregation was reminded of forthcoming activities: the Lent Course, conducted by Lay Reader, Anne, on Wednesdays following the mid-week Eucharist in March; the joint World Day of Prayer at South Church tomorrow (Friday) at 10.30; our Spring coffee morn ing in the Church Hall from 10am to 11.30. Our coffee is probably the best in Stonehaven! There will be stalls offering cake and candy, books, a raffle, knitted goods and a ‘Spring Themed’ Tombola, as well as raffle. Ticket £2 available from Social Committee members, or ‘pay at the door’.