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Newtonhill Kirk held a car wash recently
Newtonhill Kirk held a car wash recently

Dunnottar linked with South

The short services for Holy Week in St Bridget’s every evening last week were well attended and each night there was a different theme and a different approach to presenting the Easter message. The services on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were led by members of the clergy from the various churches in Stonehaven while on Wednesday evening there was a short play entitled “Pilate, a man of mistakes and missed opportunities” performed by a group from the Aberdeen Passion project.

On Friday evening, there was a Tenebrae service led by Ian Wilson, a member of the South Church congregation. This service is distinctive for its gradual extinguishing of each of seven candles after a short Bible reading and focuses on the betrayal, the agony and the feelings of abandonment on the Friday before Easter Day.

On Easter Sunday, the customary early morning service was held at the harbour at 8am.The weather was good - sunshine and blue skies - and around 100 people came along to the open-air service.

As the service started, it so happened that the lifeboat was launched and, in her short address, Rev Rosslyn Duncan commented on this, as the offerings, which had been donated at the five services of Holy Week, will go to the RNLI. Following the service, around 75 people came back to St Bridget’s where they enjoyed the customary cooked breakfast.

The 10.30am service for Easter Day took place in Dunnottar Church. During this service, Rev Rosslyn baptised Innes Stuart Gauld, son of Stuart and Emma. In her reflection, she spoke about names and their meanings. Surnames may indicate the profession of a member of the family long ago such as Smith or Farmer while first names or christian names are chosen because they are family names, or place names or names the parents like.

Names identify who we are. She said that the meaning of Innes is island but that “no man is an island.”

We are not created to be in isolation but to be in communities such as families and social groups.

But while we celebrate Easter as a community, we also celebrate our personal relationship with Jesus as individuals.

Newtonhill Kirk

Newtonhill Kirk held their first monthly fundraising car wash recently.

A steady flow of cars kept the team busy and many people took advantage of the tea and home bakes available in the church while their car was being washed. The good turnout of cars being washed and the enthusiasm of the washing team raised the excellent sum of £151 for church funds.

Motorists – put the date in your diary for May 2.

Baptist Buzz

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday, of course, and we celebrated the risen Christ. Between Communion and the family service we enjoyed breakfast together, and we rolled eggs which symbolises the stone being rolled away from Jesus’ grave.

Nathan reminded us of the true meaning of Easter - that Jesus died and rose again so that we can have eternal life.

The Zone is on holiday just now but our other activities, on Tuesday and Thursday, are ongoing. Please see our website or facebook page for further details.

St James – Easter 2015

This weekend was a busy, but joyful, occasion. On Good Friday morning, Anne and David built the Easter Garden, complete with tomb, plus the hill of Golgotha with its three crosses. Then Arma and Anne, our Lay Readers, led the three-hours’ devotions from noon to 3pm, finishing with the Ante-Communion and reading of the Passion according to John. We were joined periodically by several worshippers, two of whom stayed for the whole three hours.

While this was going on, others were busy preparing the Hall for the Saturday Book Browse. This was very successful and raised over £300 for church funds. There were many visitors, including this time lots more children than usual – which is always a good thing. We now have a really good selection of reading material for juniors. Our next Book Browse will be on August 1.

While the Book Browse was proceeding, other members were working in the church. It was lovely to see displays of flowers after the solemn period of Lent where flowers are not in evidence. Also the altar was dressed in white and gold for the Easter season, and the new altar frontal was placed over the Lady Chapel altar. Candlesticks, newly cleaned and polished, looked grand in the sanctuary – only one was missing – the Paschal candle.

On Easter Day, the Paschal candle was lit at the West end of the church, and processed down the central aisle at the beginning of the 10.30 Easter Liturgy and placed in its holder on the chancel steps. Rev Jane Nelson, who was leading our worship this day, blessed the candle, and then blessed the Easter garden (which looks lovely, by the way, and would be interesting for children to see). Then two servers took tapers and lit the candles in the sanctuary – and we were ready for the Liturgy.

Jane based her sermon on the ‘missing ending’ of Mark’s Gospel which provided much food for thought. The service was well attended.

Before the final hymn, Lay Reader, Anne, asked two children to come up and ‘help’ by taking ‘a surprise’ to one of our members. During the Book Browse, the final ‘draw’ for the giant Easter Egg had taken place, and won by Bill Wilson. The children were delighted to take the egg down to Bill - and even more delighted when Bill said they were to keep it and share it between them and with their family.

Worship this week continues with All Age worship next Sunday, April 12 – all are welcome.