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On Palm Sunday Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship with a special welcome to Reverend Doctor Suresh Vemulapalli from Indian Village Ministries.

In her address to the children Rosslyn spoke of the fine strong horses she sees daily from her home and contrasted them to the weak humble donkey on which our Lord choose to ride into Jerusalem.

This act showed that despite being King of all creation Jesus took on the role of a humble servant, the Servant King who will give His life for the world. The congregation joined the children in the singing of ‘We have a KIng who rides a donkey’ before Rosslyn led us in prayer for the needs of the world.

Our guest then spoke to us of his work with IVM. Suresh told how his mother having been widowed at the age of 19, had contemplated suicide but had been befriended by Christians missionaries.

From that point Christianity was to become the central focus of the lives of her and her family and eventually to Suresh’s vocation to ministry. Suresh told of IVM outreach to many groups including the elderly, the widowed, the sewing centre and the training of local village pastors.

However, the high point of his mission is to orphaned children and the present need to increase accommodation for them in line with government standards. Gifts to IVM may be sent to PO Box 18485, Kittybrewster, Aberdeen AB24 3XN. Information at

This week Holy Week services at St Bridget’s 1930-2000

Wednesday 23 March

Thursday 24 March

Good Friday 25 March

Sunday 27 March Easter Day

0800 Worship at Stonehaven Harbour

1030 Worship at Dunnottar Church

ALL ARE WELCOME to attend these services

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This special week before Easter our pastor reminded us what Jesus did before his crucifixion which (he knew) was looming up before him. Nathan focused on Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, and his overwhelming distress and agony.

Jesus was human like us, and he longed for company, just like we do when we face a crisis: we want to tell somebody and share our burden. Jesus asked his closest friends to stay awake and be with him, watching and praying. Although Peter had just claimed to be willing to die with him, and the others had said the same…. they did not even manage to stay awake when Jesus needed their support. Jesus got completely terrified, as he realized what was involved in being the scapegoat, carrying away the sins of the world, the ultimate sacrifice required to satisfy God’s wrath which we deserve. As he submitted to his father’s will (“Not my will but your will be done”) God sent an angel to strengthen him for the task ahead. This calmed Jesus’ spirit and prepared him for decisive action. Jesus then resolutely got up and woke up his disciples: “Rise! Let us go! Here comes my betrayer!”

What can we learn from Jesus’ prayer?

God usually delivers us through suffering and rarely delivers us from suffering. He wants us to depend on him by prayer, and changes us through prayer so that we will accept his will.

The Christian might start by praying “Not your will but mine” but prayer changes his outlook into “Not my will but yours”. Prayer requires intentional effort. Nathan finished with a searching quote from J.Packer: “The invariable fruit of true knowledge of God is energy to pray for God’s cause. If however, there is little energy in us for such prayer, and little consequent practice of it, this is a sure sign that we as yet scarcely know our God.”

As we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday we may know that Jesus, who knew God to be his own Father, prayed with all his energy and passion in Gethsemane , and this prepared him to win God’s cause , for us!

Discover the meaning of Easter, and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection! Join us for a delicious continental breakfast, an egg rolling activity, and a worship service for families on Sunday 27 March at Carronhill School. 10.15 am Breakfast; 10.45 Egg Roll; 11.00 Worship. No Youth group (the Zone) on Good Friday 25 March or during the April holidays. We resume 22 April.

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