Round the Rurals

catterline wri

A fun night was the order of the day at Catterline’s February meeting.

Chairman Mrs Swan and the committee held a mini Olympics for the members as well as guests Pamela Airth and Claire Brown from Dellavaird WRI. After playing several energetic games, the members had to guess the number of sweets in a jar and also name the ingredients used to make the preserve. The team with the most points at the end of the evening were the ‘Gorgeous Girls’, alias Betty Abernethy, Isobel Collie, Annette Webster and Betty Meston.

The monthly competitions were judged by Pamela and Claire, a humorous Valentine limerick (five lines): 1. Mrs M. Mair, 2. Mrs B. Abernethy, 3. Mrs I. Collie, 4. Mrs E. Pearson.

A three-bloom Valentine arrangement: 1. Mrs E. Meston, and 2. Mrs E. Pearson.

After tea and raffle Mrs Swan proposed a comprehensive vote of thanks.


President Mrs Olive Henry welcomed all members to our February meeting. She introduced Mrs I Smith who gave a very good and informative talk and demonstration on floral art which was enjoyed by all.

Competitions - bowl of spring bulbs: 1. Mrs M Easton, 2. Mrs M Johnston. Pretty cup and saucer: 1. Mrs A Martin 2. Mrs P Mitchell.

Flower of the month - 1. Mrs M Easton, 2. Mrs B Davidson.


Once in a while a real gem drops unexpectedly in to the basket of miscellaneous items brought forth by the SWRI. At the March meeting of the Fettercairn Rural we had the pleasure of such an evening.

Folk belonging to this area would perhaps already know of Violet Jacob and her work. Born in 1863, a daughter of Lord Erskine of Duns, she documented her life and times in verse with understanding and humour. We were led through the adventure, made all the more captivating by the readings of her work done in clear true uncontaminated dialect by our entertaining speaker, Shelia Mann.

Prize winners - Hyacinthus: 1. Nancy Brown, 2. Beatrice Esson. Narcissus: 1. Beatrice Esson, 2. Nancy Brown. Flower of the Month: 1. Sheena Kelly, 2. Nancy Brown, 3. Beatrice Esson.


President Kathleen Masson welcomed the chairman of the Aboyne Games, Ian Scott, who gave us an informative talk about their highland games. They started in 1867 when it was estate workers pitting their strengths at various events against one another. There are 96 different events at the Aboyne Games which take 250 man hours to prepare for.

Ian’s wife Lesley told us about a tartan dress, unique to the Aboyne games, which the highland dancers wear in a specific manner which is part of the judging. It was made by Isaac Benzies in Aberdeen and was first worn in 1953 by Margaret Ramsay of Tarland. She had the very first one on show but sadly some parts had disintegrated over the years.

Owing to losing labour on the land there are not so many entrants for events and although there used to be 204 games it is now down to 96.

Pipe bands are still very popular and Aboyne run a fiddle competition in their Masonic hall, with players coming from all over the world.

They are determined to keep the games going and have winter fund-raising events to help. They have a junior committee who are taught about the management of the games and the very first young man is now being brought on to the senior committee. I’m sure it would be a spectacular event to attend. Kathleen gave the vote of thanks.

Competition - spurtle: 1. Mary Neil 2. Frances Moir 3. Helen Keith.

Tartan needle case: 1. Mary Neil 2. Linda Pratten. Scottish Arrangement 1. K Masson 2. M Neil

Our next meeting will be on April 6 which is a members’ night when we will be making four items to take home.


Mrs Barclay welcomed all to our March meeting, and we started with the Rural song.

She then introduced Mark Paterson, who gave a very interesting and informative talk and slide show on the Eden Project, where he had worked for 10 years. He finished with slides from Cruikshank Gardens in Aberdeen, and telling us all about the future plans of the gardens. Tea followed, before Mrs Rattray gave a vote of thanks to Mark. Business followed.

Competition - A flower cut from your garden: 1. Mrs Robson, 2. Mrs Barclay, 3. Mrs Silver. Raffle was then drawn.


On Wednesday, March 11, President Audrey Lowson welcomed members to celebrate Maryculter WRI’s 88th birthday with a ‘seaside resort’ themed party held at Corby Community Hall.

Everyone enjoyed fish and chips followed by tea and birthday cake, baked and decorated by Christine Middleton and cut by newest member Sylvia Pike. Members then had fun playing bingo. Audrey thanked everyone for attending and the committee for organising the party.


Dellavaird WRI held their annual whist and bulb show on Friday, March 13, in Drumlithie Hall. These are the results:

Whist prizes - Blue Card: 1. Ethel Wood, 2. Francie Craigmile, Cons. Marjorie Shearer; Pink Card: 1. Emma Brooks, 2. Karen Ross, Cons. Louise Airth; Yellow Card: 1. Robert Warden, 2. Sheila Craigmile, Cons. Ella Clark; White Card: 1. Eileen Adamson, 2. Kathleen Kinesley, Cons. Sandi Airth.

Results of the Bulb Show

Three White Hyacinths: 1. Lorna Bey, 2. Elsie Airth, 3. Sheila Craigmile; Hyacinth in Water: 1. Elsie Airth, 2. Sheila Craigmile; Five Single Tulips: 1. Alison Meston, 2. Elsie Airth; 10 Daffodils: 1. Elsie Airth, 2. Sheila Craigmile; One Amaryllis: 1. Elsie Airth, 2. Alison Meston, 3. Lorna Bey; Pot Plant in Bloom: 1. Elsie Airth, 2. Aileen Ross, 3. Lorna Bey; Miniature Bulbs: 1. Lorna Bey, 2. Elsie Airth, 3. Alison Meston; Exhibit of Spring Flowers: 1. Elsie Airth, 2. Lorna Bey, 3. Sheila Craigmile.

Winner of the Singer Salver for Most Points was Elsie Airth and the Runner up was Lorna Bey. Hostess Prize went to Cathie Eddie, and Raspberry Jam winner was Winnie Singer. Alison Meston proposed the Vote of thanks for a successful evening.