Round the Rurals


Mary Tennent opened the Business meeting and welcomed visitors and members.

Secretary Julie Christian gave a resume of the year, and Jane Lawrie, Treasurer, gave the financial report. Mary then welcomed Sheila Lownie and Morag Rees of Gourdon WRI, who counted the votes with the following results: President - Mary Tenant; Vice president - Pat Fraser; Secretary - Julie Christian; Treasurer - Jane Lawrie; Committee: Pat Cooper, Maragret Ross, Lilian Mair, and Gwen Smith. Winner of the cup for most points of the year - Jane Lawrie. Mary welcomed Dr Graham McIntosh, who gave a most interesting talk and slides on the Hospitals of Stonehaven. Flower of the month: Lilian Mair. Floowing tea, Mary wished all a good summer and closed the meeting.


Mrs Kay Irvine welcomed a large turnout of members to the May meeting, the Institute’s 84th birthday party and AGM. Mrs J Mair and Mrs D Beedie from Kinneff WRI joined us as tellers for the evening. The secretary and treasurer both gave reports and a resume of the year’s activities. Mrs Irvine then thanked the committee for all their hard work during the year and also to the members for all their help. She then went on to present the annual trophies with Mrs M. Mair. Jean Elkin Trophy for flowers: 1. Mrs E. Meston, r/up Mrs I. Carnie; Violet Bailley Trophy for cooking: 1. Mrs A. Meston, r/up: Mrs E. Meston; Crafts and Curios Trophy: 1. Mrs E. Meston; r/up: Mrs I.Collie; Overall Trophy: 1. mrs E. Meston, r/up: Mrs A Meston. The monthly competition, ‘A novelty pincushion’ was jusdged by Mrs mair and Mrs Beedie, and resulted 1. Mrs E. Meston, 2. Mrs K. Irvine, and 3. Mrs I. Collie. Mrs Irvine then handed over to Arthur Wood and Bill Somerville who entertained us with Scottish music. Results of the voting: President: Mrs Kay Irvine; Committee: Mrs I. Collie, Mrs E. Garden, Mrs W. Smith, Mrs A. Gauld, Mrs M. Mair, Mrs E. Crabb, Mrs C. Will and Mrs A. Meston.