Sandpiper Trust launch new campaign

From left: Keri Fickling, Claire Maitland and Lorna Davidson
From left: Keri Fickling, Claire Maitland and Lorna Davidson

A new campaign was launched last week with the aim of saving 50 lives across Aberdeenshire a year from cardiac arrest.

The Sandpiper Trust launched its cardiac arrest fundraising campaign this week on Tuesday, May 17.

The charity saves lives in rural Scotland by equipping trained, volunteer responders with Sandpiper bags which contain all the necessary equipment required in an emergency.

Working with the Scottish Ambulance Service, Sandpiper responders are often the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency.

Claire Maitland, MBE and Sandpiper Trustee, said: “When someone has a cardiac arrest, every single second counts which is why we aim to raise £850,000 to create a specialised network of cardiac responders across the region.

“A number of factors, including geography and spread of towns and villages, mean that cardiac arrest patient outcomes locally are some of the worst in Europe and we believe that they can be improved drastically through our initiative.”

The aim is to have volunteers based at 50 key locations, so they will be “primed and ready to deliver swift, on-the-spot medical care” to people who have suffered an arrest.

There are around 370 cardiac arrests in the Aberdeenshire area every year, of which on average only 18 people survive.

Treatment to a sufferer, such as CPR or a defibrillator, within three to five minutes of collapse can produce survival rates as high as 75%.