Sawmill turbine

GALLIFORD Try Renewables has submitted a planning application to Aberdeenshire Council for a wind turbine at the Pallet Logistics Sawmill, Fordoun.

The proposal is for a single turbine of between 800 and 900 kw installed capacity, with a maximum tip height of no more than 77m.

The applicants claim the turbine could save approximately 900-1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually and generate between 2,100 MWh and 2,300 MWh of electricity every year. This equates to enough clean electricity for 400 - 500 homes.

The electricity generated is planned to supply the adjacent sawmill facility directly, with excess power being exported to the grid.

Feedback from the recent exhibition showed that 94% of those who completed a questionnaire supported the Fordoun Sawmill Wind Turbine proposal and the important economic and environmental benefits it would provide to a local employer were recognised.

As a result of the consultation process and feedback received, GTR has submitted an application for a smaller turbine than originally considered and will also be seeking to set up a community benefit fund.

GTR would contribute an amount per KW of rated capacity for the wind turbine, which would be managed by local people for projects of their choice. GTR will look to liaise further with the local community about a Community Benefit Fund should planning permission be granted.