Scammers at it again in Stoney


Stonehaven has been targeted by phone scammers again, this time claiming to be calling from ‘Stonehaven County Council’.

This week we received a letter from local man Peter Shankley who told us about a phone call which he received at home.

Phone scammers have targeted Stonehaven again claming to be from 'Stonehaven County Council' (Picture posed by model)

Phone scammers have targeted Stonehaven again claming to be from 'Stonehaven County Council' (Picture posed by model)

He said: “I know that there are many scam calls about, but my wife received a call purporting to be from “Stonehaven County Council.”

‘‘The caller never actually got as far as explaining what she wanted as my wife was somewhat abrupt with her.”

Last month we shared a similar story where scammers were trying to obtain medical information.

Constable Kev Marron, crime reduction officer, told the Leader and Observer: “There have been many reports in the press regarding scams of a varying nature.

‘‘Never give out your personal details or bank details to anyone over the telephone, by email or in person, even if the other person suggests they are from a financial organisation like your bank and simply want to confirm your details.

“Financial institutions do not do this.

‘‘If someone calls you stating they are from a financial institution and request that you call them back, please look up the telephone number independently and do not use any number they provide and never call them back on the same line that they called you on.

“If they telephone your landline, call them back from your mobile and vice versa.

‘‘If you do not have a second telephone facility, leave it at least an hour before telephoning back.

‘‘Often the scammers will keep lines open so when you telephone them back from the same line you are put through directly to the scammers.

“If in doubt or for more information please telephone Police Scotland on 101 and ask to speak with the local Crime Reduction Officer.

‘‘Alternatively contact your local Trading Standards Office or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you wish to remain anonymous.”

You can read Peters letter in full on the letters page of this weeks Mearns Leader.