Schoolgirl Lauren’s big contribution

A generous 10 year-old Stonehaven schoolgirl has raised £300 towards a proposed Kidney Dialysis Unit for Stonehaven.

Lauren Fowlie, who is a pupil at Arduthie Primary School, was keen to do a spot of fundraising for a local good cause, and settled on raising cash for the dialysis unit as she was aware of how much of a difference it could make to so many people’s lives.

She used her own money to buy a huge 53-inch cuddly toy dog, and spent five hours at the Co-op in David Street on Father’s Day, encouraging people to guess his birthday for £1.

She also took him along to the Stonehaven After School Club to give some of the boys and girls (and staff) an opportunity to win him - the draw took place there last month, with the help of the manager, Phyllis Sinclair, and some of the kids at the club that afternoon. Rex was won by a local girl, aged 13.

Mum Suzie Fowlie said: “We are very proud of what she has achieved and we hope her donation will in some small way go towards reaching the final target required to build the dialysis unit.

Big-hearted Lauren also raised money in May to help sponsor a guide dog for the blind for a year, by asking her friends to make a small £2 donation instead of giving her a birthday gift.

Lauren would like to say a special thank you to Elaine Ewen, who provided her with lots of guidance and support in getting her fundraiser organised, and also to the staff of the Co-op who allowed her to take up space in the store one busy Sunday. Thanks also to Phyllis Sinclair and the staff/kids of Stonehaven After School Club for their participation and help and, finally, ‘‘a HUGE thank you’’ to everyone who was kind enough to donate money towards this cause.