Scotland’s Tea Festival brewing up for the weekend in Laurencekirk

Erica Moore of eteaket Tea, plucking tea in Sri Lanka
Erica Moore of eteaket Tea, plucking tea in Sri Lanka

Organisers of Scotland’s Tea Festival are excited about the late arrival to their programme in the form of Lalith Lenadora.

He is the East India Company’s very own Tea Master who personally selects each and every one of their teas.

Lalith Lenadora Tea Master to the East India Company

Lalith Lenadora Tea Master to the East India Company

This Saturday, August 23, Lalith will conduct a Specialist Ceylon Tea Tasting Experience starting at 11.45am and lasting one hour in The Venue, Laurencekirk .

Lalith is going back to where it all began when China had the monopoly on the world’s tea, taking everyone through the centuries to see how it has travelled to become one of Britain’s most infamous traditions.

You will also get a chance to learn the differences between white, green, oolong and black tea, how to brew a truly magical cup, and taste some of the most exclusive teas of Sri Lanka.

Tickets for this event are £5 each and it is better to book to prevent disappointment, contact 01561 376896 or

Scotland’s own tea specialist, Erica Moore, is also playing a big part at Scotland’s Tea Festival as she is providing complimentary eteaket tea cocktails and eteaket Earl Grey gin and tonics at the night opening dinner tomorrow night (Friday).

Throughout Saturday, from 10am -4pm, Erica and her helpers will be at the Tea Experience Hall (Dickson Hall) where people can partake in her tea tastings, tea blendings and the fun of making tea cocktails and more.

Also in the Tea Experinece Hall will be the Tealicious Tearoom serving Erica’s eteaket leaf ttas to compliment the lovely scones, pancakes, cakes and biscuits which will be on offer. Iced Tea will also be an option as will tea infused ice-creams…certainly something not to be missed.

Erica’s wealth of knowledge of tea was gathered when she travelled the tea producing countries to learn all she could about tea, as tea for Erica, is a passion. She buys and blends her own teas and packages them beautifully with full instructions of how to brew them for best results.

The focus of Scotland’s first Tea Festival is firmly on the story of James Taylor , recognised as “The father of Ceylon Tea” in Sri Lanka from Auchenblae.

He left Auchenblae in 1851, aged 15 and travelled by train to London where he signed a Contract with Agents Hadden & Co. (from Aberdeen) as an assistant manager on a coffee estate in Ceylon.

A four-month voyage around the Cape of Good Hope saw him land at Colombo into the immediate care of the Mackwood family.

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