Sea View Cafe is officially opened by Councillor

Officially opening the Sea View Café in Stonehaven, Vice-Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Social Work and Housing Committee Cllr Raymond Christie heralded it as a great example of how integrating adult day services can benefit the whole community.

Just over a year ago, the future of the café looked in doubt, when the previous manager decided she could no longer run it and there was no one to take over.

At the same time Forest View Day Services was looking for opportunities for adults with disabilities to learn skills, which could lead to improving their chances of volunteering and employment in the community.

The Sea View Café was therefore re-opened as a collaboration between the council’s Adult Day Services and Education and Children’s Services, with funding being secured from the IDEA project to make the café suitable for training and skills development for adults with disabilities.

Aberdeenshire Council IDEA project stands for Inclusive Day Opportunities Enabling Aberdeenshire. It promotes a focus on what people with disabilities can do and on enabling them to build on their skills so they can achieve their full potential.

Speaking at the launch Cllr Raymond Christie said: “This enterprise is a good example of how integrating adult day services into the community brings benefits for the whole community.

“The café provides a training and work experience opportunity for adults with disabilities and people who use the community building. The community not only still have a café in the building but it has been extensively upgraded and improved.”

In addition to offering a great daily service to the community and community centre, the café can cater for private functions too.

Chair of Education Learning and Leisure Committee, Cllr Alisan Evison said: “The Sea View Café is providing opportunities for adults with disabilities and benefitting the whole community. It is initially offering five full day or 10 half day placements, with the hope of increasing the number of placements overtime.

“The project is working very closely with Aberdeenshire Council Employability Officers so that people who gain skills here can move onto further opportunities in the community.”