Sea View more than just home bakes

Sea View workers Catherine Young, Brenda Aitken, Kate McGovern and Linda Duncan
Sea View workers Catherine Young, Brenda Aitken, Kate McGovern and Linda Duncan

‘Make everyday a Sea view day’ - this is the message coming from a new cafe inside Stonehavens Community Centre.

This past week I had the pleasure on a glorious sunny Stonehaven day to pop along and speak to those working at Sea View cafe.

Open a matter of weeks with a small opening ceremony at the beginning of May, Sea View is a cafe with more than just home bakes, notice boards and amazing views. It is also providing valuable work experience for users of Forest View in Stonehaven.

Last Thursday I had a lovely walk along Ann Street to the centre and popped in the back entrance on Robert Street to find the cafe, to be met by four workers awaiting my arrival to tell me what has been happening at the cafe.

Surrounded by paintings by Arbroath artist Liam Stewart who also created a stunning mural up at the Forest View Centre, I sat down with a cup of tea and spoke to Catherine Young, Linda Duncan, Kate McGovern and Brenda Aitken.

Brenda is there on work experience from Forest View, gaining valuable experience which could help her gain future employment. She has gained her food hygiene certificate to allow her to work at the cafe. Brenda had little to say as we sat round the table but her smile was infectious and you could tell she was enjoying being at cafe.

Catherine, Linda and Kate all had plenty to say about the cafe.

“We wanted to open up more to the community around Stonehaven to let them know we are here.” Linda said.

Kate added: “When this was privately owned the children from Mackie used to come down and now they are smart enough to phone in their orders and pick them up.”

Catherine tells me that Sea View is open Monday to Friday from 10am until 3.30pm and will be open in the summer.

After having a laugh about diets after being offered a scone, Linda tells us more about the work they are doing with Forest View.

She said: “It runs like a work placement, currently we have Brenda but we are looking to take on more in future. Brenda will gain some great work experience that could help with work in future. Brenda gained her food hygiene and has been great to work with.”