Self Management Course supports people to live healthier lives

As part of its Self Management Programme, the Multiple Sclerosis Society is holding a self management course in Stonehaven in the Community Education Centre. This free course is open to people aged 18 and over who have MS, and where spaces are available, to people with any other long term health condition. Self management courses can help people to manage their conditions more effectively.

What makes these courses special is that the course leaders have a long term condition themselves and understand the difficulties that people face. They refuse to let symptoms take control of their lives and can support others to manage theirs. The emphasis is on learning what people can do for themselves and how to make the most of the information they get from doctors, nurses and other health care workers. It is also a supportive group where everyone shares helpful tips and experiences.

Linda Innes, volunteer course leader said: “I would urge people with a long term condition to consider joining this course. It is all about supporting people to learn how to cope with and manage their condition to lead as healthy a life as possible. It is also a great way of picking up tips from others about how they manage their condition.”

These self management courses allow people to learn: Techniques to help deal with problems such as frustration, anger, depression and other emotional changes brought about by their illness; How to take care of their health - such as taking medicine, exercising, changing diet; How to carry out their daily activities, household chores, work, social life; Techniques to help manage fatigue and pain; How to manage other symptoms, whatever they are; How to communicate more effectively with their doctor, other health care professionals, family and friends; Ways to help relax and eat healthily; Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility and endurance; How to plan for the future and get the most out of life.

The course starts on Friday 26th August and will run on consecutive Friday afternoons, with the last session on 30th September. Anyone interested in booking a place on the course or finding out more about the Self Management Programme, should phone Ailsa at the MS Society on 0131 335 4050.