SEPA flood alert service signs up 269 Stonehaven residents


Stonehaven Community Council are urging local residents to get involved and sign up to the SEPA Floodline service.

So far, 269 people have signed up to the service that could potentially help 850 residents and businesses in the town.

Stonehaven and District community councillor David Fleming stated at the most recent meeting that, although individuals’ houses may not be directly at risk of flooding, they could be affect in different ways and urged people to sign up.

He added: “The point I was making was that flooding doesn’t just affect buildings that are low-lying. Others affected might include people for whom the emergency services might find difficulty in getting to them because the route was flooded, for example those living at the harbour, because the High Street might be impassable.

“People who want to care for those in flood risk areas might want the warning to check that their charges are safe as might others who have assets in these areas, but don’t live there – e.g. a car in a garage that needs moving out of danger

“People who are on standby to provide help would also be given a bit more time to prepare.”

Stonehaven Councillor Graeme Clark said people should sign up as a needless amount of cars were flooded last year.

He added: “I would encourage residents to register with the SEPA flood alert system for two reasons.

“To be aware that flooding is possible and to ensure that all guards are in place and to move any vehicles to higher ground to avoid damage.

“We are all hoping that flooding incidents will not happen again, but residents have enough concerns without losing their vehicles to flood waters.”

SEPA’s new river flood warning service was launched at the end of November by Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Paul Wheelhouse.

The new flood warning service is designed to help the community within the Carron Water catchment which has been badly affected by flooding in recent years.

By signing up to SEPA’s Floodline service, locals will be given free advance notification when flooding is predicted in the area.

This then provides warning and crucial time to prepare and protect themselves, and their properties, against the damage which flooding can cause.

The system will take into account Met office stats, readings from a rain gauge and other variables to produce a flood warning system.

You can access SEPA live flood warning information for all of Scotland and sign up for the flood warnings at, or else by calling Floodline 0845 988 1188.