Service review is considered

A review of council services in Aberdeenshire has revealed evidence of good performance and improvement in a number of areas, councillors have been told.

The Assurance and Improvement Plan (AIP) found that Aberdeenshire Council is achieving good outcomes for the communities it serves, and found no areas of significant risk.

The AIP was considered by elected members at a full meeting of the council on Thursday, June 28.

It sets out the planned scrutiny activity for the council, based on a shared risk assessment undertaken by local area network (LAN). LAN membership includes all main local government audit and inspection agencies, including Audit Scotland, Education Scotland, the Scottish Housing Regulator, Care Inspectorate and Deloitte, the council’s external auditors.

The AIP was first published in July 2010. The latest update is the result of a shared risk assessment which drew evidence from a range of sources, including annual reports from Deloitte, performance and self-evaluation data and inspection reports.

The positive feedback includes recognition that the council has been proactive in responding to the difficult financial situation, and has achieved savings as well as demonstrating a strategic approach to capital planning.

Some areas of uncertainty have been identified, including performance management, services for homeless people, leadership and culture, challenge and improvement, competitiveness and managing people.

The council has developed action plans to deal with the issues raised, and focussed best value audits on the areas of uncertainty are planned for October 2012.