Sewage causes stink in Newtonhill

RESIDENTS in Newtonhill were left with a bad smell last week when sewage started overflowing from a manhole.

Scottish Water staff were called to Newtonhill when sewage started bubbling out of a manhole.

A resident in Anderson Drive said later: “It was disgusting. This is not the first time this has happened, and occasionally there is a smell of sewage in the area, particularly at one point.”

A spokeswoman for Scottish Water that staff had been called out after being contacted by local people. A main had become choked. Workers cleared the sewer and washed the road.

Councillor Ian Mollison, who stays nearby, said: “A foul water main linking Muchalls with the treatment works at Nigg, Aberdeen, comes down Anderson Drive. There have been a number of problems with the main along its route over the years.

“Sometimes mains get choked with all sorts of strange items. Disposable nappies in particular and a build-up of fat can cause blockages.”