Siblings to take on Mount Kilimanjaro

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Three siblings are going to be on top of the world when they climb mount Kilimanjaro for charity this summer.

Kirstie, Cameron and Sam are going to be taking on the ascent of over 19,000 feet to raise money for the eating disorders charity BEAT.

The teenagers chose the charity because Cameron and Kirstie are both former Mackie academy pupils and Cameron was in the same year at School as Caroline Robertson, daughter of MSP Dennis Robertson who tragically passed away due to anorexia last year.

Kirstie, who is now studying at university in Edinburgh, explains that she feels that eating disorders are an important issue.

She said: “It is quite relevant to us at the moment. It’s just something which for our age group is a big issue.

“There is more support for anorexics from fellow anorexics than there is from charities which is not a good thing. There is very little support to actually tackle the problem and that is what BEAT does- they provide advice.”

She also explained that they support families and helps them to deal with the issues brought about by having a loved one with an eating disorder.

The siblings are going to climb the mountain over seven days. Sam, who is currently in fifth year at Mackie Academy, explained what his biggest concern is ahead of the climb.

He said: “I am just hoping I can get to the top. Altitude sickness is a worry.”

Kirstie also shared her thoughts prior to the climb. She said: “ It will be tiring, it’s not the physical thing, it is the mental challenge and the unknown. We have climbed lots of Munros but I know it is going to be nothing like that.”

If you would like to donate money to the trio’s climb, which is entirely self funded and so all the money will go direct to the charity BEAT, visit their just giving page at or drop money into the fundraising boxes at; the Marine Hotel, Creel Inn, Catterline, Molly Gunnings and Waldies.

The trio explain that every little helps. They said: “If you have taken the time to read this article then please take the time to donate some money, no matter how small or large the amount it will make a difference.”