Sisters give birth: and both on the same day!

Beautiful babies: Ritchie Douglas Muir and Heidi Nicole Carroll, cousins born hours apart.
Beautiful babies: Ritchie Douglas Muir and Heidi Nicole Carroll, cousins born hours apart.
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A Stonehaven mum has spoken of her joy at giving birth to her son, on the same day that her sister became mum to a baby girl.

Amy Muir (30) and her sister Jennifer McRitchie (23) had discovered they were pregnant just 48 hours apart, and were given expected due dates of the 18th and 16th of November.

The two had joked that they might give birth on the same day and it actually happened, with Jennifer delivering little Heidi at 5.02am with partner Greg Carroll by her side, while Amy’s son Ritchie was born at 12.01pm.

Amy was booked in to Aberdeen’s maternity hospital for a planned caesarean section on November 6.

She said: “I spoke to Jennifer at 10.30 on Wednesday night, and she was saying that she was jealous that I was going in to have my baby the next day.

‘‘She wanted to have her baby first and give our mum and dad grandchild number five!

“I was saying that I wished I could stay pregnant a bit longer. I love being pregnant and this is my final time. An hour later she began having pains and went into labour!”

Amy and Jennifer, who lives in Huntly, found themselves in neighbouring beds in the hospital.

Amy added: “It was amazing being in hospital with my wee sister. Our beds were beside each other, and we were babysitting for each other when one of us went for a shower!

“Me and Jennifer already get mistaken for twins (even though I’m seven years her senior!) so falling pregnant at the same time and both carrying very neat really confused a lot of people. We both share the rare o reuses negative blood type and at one point during the pregnancy both weighed 11st 6lb and 1/8th!

“Visiting at the hospital has been like one big party, it’s been a magical experience and we both feel so blessed and lucky.”

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