Six year old raises hundreds for Finlay

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Local charity Finlay’s Fund has been on a roll recently with well received donations flying in right left and centre.

Most recently, six year old Max Innes became interested in supporting Finlay’s Fund whilst peering over his mum’s shoulder whilst she was looking at the charity’s Facebook page. Max looked through the photographs and videos and became curious about Finlay and his condition.

A few weeks later, Max asked his mum if he could do something to help Finlay, who has cerebral palsy, and he decided to take part in the Balmoral Run.

The six year old got took on the 1.5k challenge, raising an impressive £375. Two hundred pounds of which was donated by Macphies of Glenbervie.

Finlay’s mum Gail Sangster said: “I can’t begin to tell you how heart warming it is when kids support Finlay like this - it really is extraordinary the empathy they seem to have with Finlay even when they haven’t met him. I know I always say this but he’s one VERY lucky boy to have this level of support.”