SNP select candidates

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Iain Noble, Convener of Stonehaven and Mearns Branch of the SNP has announced that the branch has selected two candidates for both the Stonehaven and Lower Deeside and Mearns wards in the forthcoming elections to Aberdeenshire Council.

Graeme Clark who currently represents Stonehaven and Lower Deeside will have Robert Fergusson as his running mate and Jean Dick who currently represents the Mearns ward will have Robert Forbes as her running mate.

Graeme and Jean, both noted within their wards for ensuring their constituents’ views are well represented on Aberdeenshire Council, are hoping to see a strengthened SNP team returned on May 3 to carry forward at local level the many advantages and initiatives for local communities sponsored by the SNP Scottish Government.

Iain Noble commented: “Our two existing councillors have been excellent representatives of the SNP and of their constituents since 2007. If voters choose to increase the number of SNP councillors, the larger team will ensure that those matters that are important to the people of the two wards are very well to the fore in discussions within Aberdeenshire Council.

“All four candidates are already working well together and that has to be good for local communities across the two wards.

“Nigel Don MSP, elected in May last year, recently opened his constituency office in Stonehaven making him more accessible to his constituents in the north of his Angus North and Mearns constituency.

“He is working with both councillors on a number of important local issues to seek remedies that will benefit as many local people as possible.”