Solo Kayaker arrives in Stoney

Nick Ray and the RNLI crew
Nick Ray and the RNLI crew

At the beginning of May 2015, Nick Ray set off from Kippford on the Solway Firth, on a 2015 mile trip round the coastline of Scotland, visiting all 47 lifeboat stations in his solo kayak. On Monday afternoon he arrived in Stonehaven.

So far he has covered around 1500 miles, kayaking along remote stretches of coastline during daylight hours. He hopes to finish in Eyemouth at the end of August.

Nick has taken a year off work as an outdoor instructor, to fulfil his dream, as this is something he has always wanted to do.

Although a highly experienced kayaker, Nick has had some tough days with strong winds. One of the worst days was when he travelled 45 miles from Kintyre to Isla taking him 12 hours to complete. In his kayak he carries enough food for 5-10 days plus a tent and sleeping bag.

Nick has had to make some big sacrifices to complete this challenge and this includes not seeing his wife since the middle of May. He’s also had very little access to television or radio since he has started.

Nick hopes to raise an amazing £5000 for the RNLI and is well on the way to achieving this. You can follow Nick’s progress by going to:

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