Sponsored Santas keep warm for kids charity

Four brave men have signed up to grow full on bushy beards for a local charity.

Bervie’s Santa Claus (Stewart Wightman), Richard Albiston, Tim Lovering and Kevin Adam have all been growing their beards since the beginning of November and are not allowed to shave until a Boxing Day shave at the Salutation on King Street in Inverbervie.

The four men are not only keeping cosy but are also collecting sponsors for sporting their beautiful beards which will go towards local charity Bervie Playparks.

So the next time you see the local postie with a full on beard (Richard Albiston) you’ll know he isn’t just growing it to keep warm on these cold and frosty mornings, but to give the children of Bervie some play parks to happily play in, as are the other three bearded men.

The charity were informed that many men weren’t up for taking part in the challenge because they could not grow such a bushy beard for health and safety reasons at their workplace, so a sponsored chest wax was suggested but this doesn’t seem to have been taken up on very easily by the men.

Donations can be made to the Bervie Play Parks Committee by going online to www.virginmoneygiving.com and searching for “Bervie Play Parks”, or can be donated to any of the individuals taking part by going to the same website and searching for their individual names.

The charity’s first priority is to completely revamp the Church Street play park. They’ll soon have plans to put on public display and these will give a sense of the transformation. To date £16,047.19 has been raised and for the completion of this park, they need to raise approximately £80,000.