Spring clean

Scotland’s leading environmental charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful, is urging Scots to get behind the 2012 National Spring Clean campaign, which aims to galvanise efforts to stop people littering the country and also educate the public about the damage it does.

It is anticipated 150,000 people will take part in the annual initiative, which runs from now until the end of May. The campaign is backed by senior politicians and local authorities, with huge support from local communities, businesses, and schools.

Keep Scotland Beautiful Chief Executive Derek Robertson highlighted the scale of the problem. He said: “The raw statistics show the potential damage to the environment caused by unthinking and illegal disposal of rubbish. It is anticipated 1200 tons of litter will be collected throughout Scotland from now until May 31. That’s enough to fill 90,000 wheelie bins and means 16 black litter bags will be filled every half hour.

“That is an astonishing amount of litter and it is estimated it takes £100m a year to clean up behind thoughtless people who treat our towns and countryside, riverbeds and canals as dumping grounds.”