St Cyrus beach clean-up

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is asking for help from the public to help keep the beach at St Cyrus national nature reserve litter-free and safe for wildlife.

Every year thousands of birds, seals, dolphins and marine mammals die by swallowing or becoming entangled in rubbish.

The St Cyrus Beach Clean runs from 10.30am to 1.30pm on Sunday, September 16. The Beach Clean is part of the Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch, a national initiative now in its 19th year, with thousands of volunteers taking part every year.

Therese Alampo, St Cyrus reserve manager, said: “St Cyrus is such a beautiful place, and it’s such a shame to see litter ruining the view. But throwing away rubbish doesn’t only affect the views: hundreds of birds and marine mammals accidentally eat or become tangled up in litter every year. I hope people will come out and join us on the 16th to make a real difference.” For more information, call 01674 830736. Gloves and litter pickers will be provided.