Stonehaven Ladies Probus Club

Stonehaven Ladies’ Probus Club met on Tuesday, November 5, in the Station Hotel, Stonehaven.

Robin Hay, previously a teacher at Mackie Academy and now a charity representative, gave a talk about “The World we may choose to ignore.”

Driven by the reasons for the ‘Live Aid’ concert, he was obsessed by the need to do something to help the poverty stricken thousands in countries such as Peru, Ethiopia, Uganda, Brazil and many others.

These countries are lands of contrast where there is abject poverty side by side with great riches.

Robin represents several charities which go wherever there is need, sort out what these needs are and try to meet them.

Their help is in providing schools, homes, hospitals and so forth with cash and physical help on the ground.

One of their biggest challenges followed the earthquake in Haiti, another was helping the children orphaned by Aids in Africa.

Much of what Robin related, illustrated by slides, left the ladies in sober mood, but happily, Kenya has moved positively towards outlawing corrupt practices.

The charities are gradually having more success in persuading governments to be responsible for corruption and poverty in their lands.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Janet Dean and the secretary Eileen Begg dealt with apologies for absence.

President, Meg Duncan, reminded members to book their Christmas lunch at that venue on December 10 and remarked on two outings that members had enjoyed to Montrose Air Station and the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

The next meeting will be at the usual venue on December 3 and the talk will be Tales of Whales by Lynda Macdonald.