Stonehaven Medical Group - Surgery Snippets

Flu immunisation time

The advent of autumn also heralds the beginning of our flu immunisation season. Many of you will already have been offered your flu jabs when you have been in to the surgery for other reasons. We try and do as many opportunistically as we can. There are also two Saturday morning flu clinics scheduled.

These are on the 1.11.14 and 8.11.14 and can be booked now by calling the surgery. Our nurses will also be offering flu immunisation clinics at other times.

This year all children age 2-5 will also be eligible for a nasal flu immunisation in the surgery with primary school age children being offered it through their school.

The doctors in the surgery all continue to support this important health campaign and would strongly recommend it to all those who are eligible.

Open Day

It is worth mentioning here the success of our Open Day that we held in June this year. It was great to see so many people coming in to look “behind the scenes” at the medical centre- hopefully everyone found it interesting and informative.

It was especially nice to see some of the local schools bring classes to the Open day. There were lots of interesting questions and plenty of enthusiasm.

The Patient Participation Group, our own staff and the local paramedic team all put a lot of effort in to the afternoon so a big thank you to everyone.

Thank you also to all the school children who wrote such lovely letters afterwards- we had them on display in the waiting room for a while. We hope to build on this success next year and hopefully repeat a similar exercise.

To Whom It May Concern letters

Occasionally private companies or organisations will ask members of the public to get a “fitness” certificate from a GP before they undertake certain leisure pursuits. This unfortunately is not and never has been covered under the NHS.

We can and will do this for you but there is a small administrative charge as displayed in the surgery. This covers the time it takes your GP to fully review your notes and to have a letter typed. If you are asked for one of these sometimes the best step is to question why this is really required.

In the vast majority of instances a self health declaration would suffice. Other options for the company concerned are for them to employ one of the many private occupational health screening companies to undertake this work for them if really required.

These letters are also very limited in their scope as without an accompanying examination all the GP can state is that according to your notes there are, at the time of writing, no factors that can be predicted to limit your involvement in the activity concerned.

n Continued next week.