Stonehaven receives four defibrillators

Members from SDCC, Scottish Ambulance Service and Baker Hughes in Stonehaven on Monday
Members from SDCC, Scottish Ambulance Service and Baker Hughes in Stonehaven on Monday

The community of Stonehaven will benefit thanks to the donation of four defibrillators for the town this week.

On Monday, Baker Hughes along with John Trudgill gifted four defibrillators which will be placed in different locations throughout the town.

John’s brother Peter tragically died in hospital last year after a huge wave swept him in at Stonehaven Harbour.

Peter was a respected paramedic with the Scottish Ambulance service, and they suggested to John that Stonehaven could benefit from the life saving equipment.

John enlisted the help of his employers Baker Hughes, which led to the donation this past week.

Two members of Stonehaven and District Community Council, Phil Mills-Bishop and Lynne Anderson will be trained on the devices by the Scottish Ambulance Service. It is hoped that other volunteers will come forward and join a Stonehaven First Responders initiative for the town.

John McCullough, Area Service Manager, South Grampian for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “Public access defibrillators make a positive contribution to safer and sustainable communities and we know that in cardiac cases equipping communities with basic life-saving skills and equipment will further improve survival rates. Local initiatives like this one from Baker Hughes and the Community Council are a genuine benefit for residents and visitors to Stonehaven.

“So in a public incident, hands on the heart is vital in the first few seconds of a situation as this allows time for a defibrillator to be sourced and then used to jolt the heart back into a regular normal rhythm. And anyone can do this as the modern type of defibrillator actually talks you through the procedure so no special training is needed - just common sense and urgency.”

John Trudgill Baker Hughes Operations Manager: “Baker Hughes Process & Pipeline Services operates HSE community outreach programs that benefit the local community and involve Baker Hughes employees with the local community. We are only too pleased to be able to provide this equipment for Stonehaven. Thanks should go to the Scottish Ambulance Service for the support and guidance they have provided on this outreach program.”

Knud Christensen Chairperson Stonehaven Community Council: “Working with John Trudgill, John McCullough and Phil Mills-Bishop my Vice-Chairperson demonstrates how things can get done to the benefit of the community and if anyone within the local community has a suggestion of a good location for one four defibrillator please make that known on our new website.”