Stonehaven “Still getting over” flooding

A local Councillor has said that many people in Stonehaven are still getting over the flooding of November 2009.

Thursday, 26th April 2012, 11:18 am

Speaking at the Kincardine and Mearns Area committee Councillor Graeme Clark said: “November 2009 was a very traumatic few days in Stonehaven and many people are still getting over it.” He explained that Aberdeenshire Council has done some good work since the flood and he emphasised the important role the local community has played in the examination of how to alleviate flooding in the town. He explained that the local communities knowledge of the river and surrounding areas was vital in the deveopment of flood defences.

Councillor Clark’s comments came as the Kincardine and Mearns Area committee discussed the Flood prevention and coast protection revenue programme of measures during their meeting on Tuesday of this week.

In a paper presented to the area committee, allocations for 2012/ 2013 were presented to the committee. In a report to the committee it was explained that; “ In particular the severe flooding of 2009/2010 continues to influence the programme.”

The report continues: “The programme as presented includes for a combination of general maintenance works, routine inspections, flood studies, small improvement schemes and contributions to multi-agency initiatives to manage flood and erosion risks more effectively in the future. Improvement works are prioritised on the basis of the number of properties flooded internally, the severity of flooding and an assessment of the benefits / costs of undertaking work.”

In the programme £50,000 is laid out for Stonehaven flood studies/ minor works. Councillor Wendy Agnew questioned this. She asked how when the scheme takes into account the number of houses damaged is taken into account can Stonehaen be considered as a minor work. It was expained that this is down to costing and any major work would need Scottish government funding and so would be a different situation.

The flood wardens were also discussed at the meeting with Aberdeenshire Council explaining that they still had equiptment to give out to the flood wardens and that the group had been taken over by the Scottish Flood forum. There are still a few spaces for flood wardens in Stonehaven.

Councilllors voted to agree the reccomendationsfor the flood prevention and coast protection revenue programme of measures which will cost a total of £752,000 and will see the following money being spent in the Kincardine and Mearns area; £30,000 on Fettercairn Flood Alleviation scheme (phase 2), £50,000 on Stonehaven Flood Studies/ minor works, £25,000 on Marykirk Channel improvements and £5,000 on Shingle management.