Stonehaven volunteer drop-in clinic at Crossroads office

The Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire is running a volunteer drop-in clinic in Stonehaven which will provide an accessible service resource for local people with an interest in volunteering.

Saturday, 10th May 2014, 8:00 am

The Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire already runs a very successful volunteer drop-in within the north Aberdeenshire area.

A spokesperson said: ‘‘The VCA are looking ways to increase awareness of volunteering in the Stonehaven area and we feel that a drop-in clinic would be an ideal way of meeting and connecting with local people in a service that is accessible and encouraging.

‘‘The Stonehaven Volunteer Surgery will run from the Crossroads office, Barclay Street,on Monday mornings between 10.30 and 12.30 starting from May 12.

‘‘This is ideal, as it provides a central location that is welcoming and friendly.

‘‘If you have an interest in volunteering, or are thinking of getting involved, then come along to the volunteer surgery where you can get help and advice about all aspects of volunteering, carry out volunteering opportunity searches, get advice about volunteering and claiming benefits, information on various awards available, and much much more on anything to do with volunteering.’dd

The clinic will be coordinated by development officers from the Volunteer Centre.