Stonehaven woman says ‘don’t forget about Conan’

Conan was found in an emaciated state in Stonehaven.
Conan was found in an emaciated state in Stonehaven.
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The discovery in a Stonehaven street of an emaciated dog has prompted a local resident to issue a plea to locals to dig deep and donate to the SSPCA.

A report in the Mearns Leader earlier this month (May 10) told the story of Conan, a two year-old lurcher who was found wandering in the town’s Carron Gardens on Sunday May 5. He was dehydrated, starving, covered in painful wounds and suffering from a skin infection.

Sandra Stewart, who lives in Stonehaven, was so affected by the news report that she decided to go and visit Conan at the SSPCA Drumoak centre where he has been staying. She has been keeping up regular visits to the dog, who she describes as “an absolute star.”

Sandra has also contacted the SSPCA and will be distributing collection tins to shops around Stonehaven from next week so that people can make a donation towards his and other animal’s care.

Sandra said: “I was absolutely heartbroken to hear of Conan’s plight and have been visiting him. You just don’t expect to come across a dog in that condition in Stonehaven. This dog hasn’t just gone a bit hungry, he has been completely starved.

“He has settled in well at Drumoak and all the staff have fallen in love with him. He is a gentle, sweet-natured dog with a very trusting nature.

“But the SSPCA relies on public donations, without which it couldn’t carry on the vital work it does.”