Stoney Roundtable needs you

Stonehaven Roundtable are calling on the community to get involved and save local events from being in jeopardy due to lack of members.

Friday, 25th September 2015, 7:00 am
The sand castle competition at the recent Stonehaven Harbour Festival Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES

The local community group who have been going for almost half a century are struggling for members and are looking for people to join up.

Andy Guthrie from Stonehaven and District Roundtable got in touch with the Mearns Leader this week saying how the club desperately seek help.

He said: “Most of your readers will know of the Stonehaven Roundtable, we organise the Bonfire & Fireworks display, and take Santa around the streets and we support other Stonehaven events, Fee’n market, Party in the Park, school fairs etc, and we did operate the harbour festival ourselves for over 40 years, and now we work with the Lions and Rotarians to preserve and improve on a superb event.

“Like all community groups, we are struggling for members or general help, the town population has increased significantly yet the community groups are struggling to maintain numbers or memberships are declining. We all know the majority of the town recognise and support the efforts of the community groups.”

The local Roundtable was founded in 1967 and was geared for men aged 18-45, nowadays the group caters to everyone.

Andy added the group was no longer like that. He added: “We are not a male orientated group these days. Stonehaven is a desirable place to live cause so much goes on, yet all these events are in jeopardy due to lack of members and help at these events. We desperately seek the help of the community, we all are volunteers that plan, prepare and operate events, if you could spare one day a year to help us.

“You not only saving our group, you’re helping the community with much needed funding and above all we guarantee you will enjoy yourself.”

If you are interested then call Andy on 07500 045728.