Police attend an accident on the A90.
Police attend an accident on the A90.

A local Councillor has expressed his exasperation with the process surrounding the campaign for a new grade separated junction at Laurencekirk.

Mearns Conservative Councillor George Carr says the campaign has now been going on for “several years” and has called for action.

He said: “This campaign for a junction has been going on and on now for several years since Alex Johnstone MSP first raised it in the Scottish Parliament in 2004.”

“We have had petition after petition, committee after committee look at this and Transport Ministers coming - and going. They wring their hands and pass the buck onto Transport Scotland as the traffic flows increase and the catalogue of incidents, bumps and shunts continues to get worse.

“We have established that it is not up to Councils or developers or deliver strategic infrastructure, but sits squarely with Scottish Government.”

“There comes a time when this sorry “kicking the can down the road” must end.”

The need for a grade separated junction on the A90 at Laurencekirk was most recently discussed in the Scottish parliament last month when the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee heard evidence in relation to the case for a junction. The committee now have to decide what further action to take on the issue.


Cllr Carr says that the time has now passed for the junction to be discussed and what the issue needs now is action.

He added: “Politics is all about being in power and with that comes the opportunity to use that power to deliver. It requires lobbying your colleagues if you are in the enviable position of Government, and being the proverbial pain, until they finally see sense and say YES, if for no other reason than a quiet life.”

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