Storm Frank hits the Mearns

Drone footage by PaceProductions UK shows flooding at Marykirk
Drone footage by PaceProductions UK shows flooding at Marykirk

Storm Frank made his presence felt across the Mearns last week as several villages lining the North Esk were flooded.

Marykirk and St Cyrus were worst hit in the area with houses evacuated and land flooded.

St Cyrus

St Cyrus

Marykirk was left under water last Wednesday as the River North Esk burst its banks. Farms and streets were inundated with flood water and nine properties were evacuated in Marykirk itself. The village was flooded at around 10am, not long after the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) issued a flood warning for Marykirk.

The rising River North Esk and associated flooding was “giving serious cause for concern” in relation to vulnerable properties in Marykirk.

Farmers and landowners tried to rescue their livestock as water levels rose rapidly. Several of them have lost animals as a result of the floods.

A large number of dead sheep have washed up on St Cyrus Beach after days of heavy rain fall and flooding.

Tom Barclay, shepherd who keeps sheep across St Cyrus, has lost a number of livestock.

He said: “I had 240 head of sheep down at the North Esk, I’ve lost a lot but I’ll have to wait until the water is down to see how many. It’s not looking good.”

Steptoes second hand retail Yard, which is situated beside the North Esk, saw its whole yard inundated and owner Peter Harrison has lost a large number of chickens.

He said: “This is the worst it has ever been. We were an island. We had to use a boat to rescue our hens - 27 drowned but we saved 40.”

Also in St Cyrus, horses could be seen perilously close to fencing, standing on the last remaining strip of green as the flood water approached.

Travellers at the North Esk Park in St Cyrus reported that the site has not been affected by flooding.

William Docherty, site owner, said: “On advice from the Coastguard the touring caravans were evacuated but the rest of us sat it out.

“We kept re-routing the flood water with our diggers. The whole yard stayed bone dry.

“We had soup and bread ready for the emergency services and Coastguard.”

William and Peter said they wanted to praise the police officers, firefighters and Coastguard officers for their hard work.