Storm leads to restricted access

After the September storms the North East encountered last week, there has been disappointment from some residents on how slowly Stonehaven was cleared up.

One reader said: “I know there was a lot of cleaning up required after the horrible weather last week, but the council could do with cleaning up the board walk regularly.

“I had my nephew out in his buggy today and if my boyfriend hadn’t been there to help me lift it I would have never got across the thick sand that’s covering it.

“Even on a normal day the board walk’s size is decreased just by the amount of stones covering it.

“It would be helpful if the council cleared it or even got community service down there to make it easier for mums with buggies and people in wheelchairs.”

The harbour and beach area were battered by wind and waves last Monday (24 September) leaving several broken boats in the harbour and Aberdeenshire Council encountered many fallen trees across the area.

Head of Roads & Landscape Services at Aberdeenshire Council, Philip McKay said: “Council staff faced an enormous challenge in clearing up debris following the severe weather early last week.

“Priority had to be given to clearing up larger items of debris which caused a hazard to the public, in particular the trees which had fallen across roads all over Aberdeenshire.

“The boardwalk in Stonehaven was examined and cleared of sand as soon as was possible.

“The boardwalk is inspected every fortnight and cleared of any debris if necessary.”

Mr McKay also said for future reference: “I would encourage any members of the public to report any issue with public roads or walkways, and they will be dealt with as quickly as possible.”