STP annual disbursements

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Stonehaven Town Partnership made their annual disbursements on Saturday, April 30.

Four Local Groups were allocated £1000 each. The lucky groups were the Friends of the Open Air Pool, Stonehaven Folk Festival, Stonehaven Fireballs and Stonehaven After School Club.

The Disbursement Committee comprised of two STP Trustees and three people from the community who decided how the £4000.00 available should be allocated.

This cheques were presented in front of the land train which is operated by STP.

STP Treasurer, John Robson presented cheques to Maria Coll from Stonehaven After School Club, Pete Hill from Friends of the Open Air Pool and Charlie West from Stonehaven Folk Festival. Stonehaven Fireball committee was unavailable, so they will received their cheque at a later date.