STP welcome council move to re-think retail options

Stonehaven's Market Square
Stonehaven's Market Square

Stonehaven Town Partnership (STP) have welcomed a council re-think on an edge-of-town bid for retail and commercial development.

The news that Aberdeenshire Council has decided to re-examine its decision to back the plan has been well received by trustees of STP.

Two weeks ago, the partnership told the Mearns Leader that they felt the council should think again on the proposed site on the Mains of Cowie.

Last week, officials at a meeting of its infrastructure services committee decided not to back the plans, which had been supported by local councillors.

Douglas Samways, chairman of STP, said: “This is great news for Stonehaven.

‘‘STP’s position is that there are alternatives. We think it’s worth examining all the options to see if there is a better solution that contributes to, and ensures, a thriving, vibrant town.

“STP are currently looking into potential solutions and look forward to being a part of the process, being able to present our findings to the council and to the people of Stonehaven.

“We want to identify a development solution that delivers improved retail, commercial space, enhanced amenity and leisure facilities and perhaps even some smart residential space, all within an attractive setting.

“It is our view that this would be a boost for both tourism and business, and therefore must be a potential way forward – and we are positive that it can be done.

“Given that none of the ideas on the table at present really come close to delivering these benefits, we wholeheartedly welcome the council’s decision.’’