Street named in memory

Residents have begun moving into Newtonhill’s newest street which was named after a local resident who died last year.

Michael Tunstall Place, which is situated within the new development at Cairnhill, has now got occupied houses and the council agreed to name the street in memory of local resident Dr Michael Tunstall.

Dr Tunstall, a former consultant anaesthetist, revolutionised the world of anaesthetics and widely recognised as his biggest achievement was the 1961 invention of Entonox which is now given to women in childbirth all around the world.

Dr Tunstall’s career spanned decades and many of these years were spent as a consultant at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. His main motivation was pain relief and his family said he was more interested in helping people rather than the commercial values.

After contracting leukaemia 20 years ago, Dr Tunstall suffered ongoing problems with cancer, but he did not let the illness impact his fulfilling life.

The Newtonhill man had a great love for the outdoors and despite working long hours and putting a lot of dedication into his work, he also put the same effort into his family life and adventurous side. The family shared a passion for sailing and he also enjoyed windsurfing, even when in his seventies.

The family man felt he was never too old and took up skiing at the age of 55 so he could help his daughter learn the sport.

Dr Tunstall devoted his life to help mothers and children and he first arrived in Aberdeen to help in the treatment of a woman expecting quads, at the request of Sir Dugald Baird.

The 82-year-old died of cancer on 21 April last year at his Newtonhill home. He is survived by his wife Anne, his children Chris, Gareth, and Amanda and six grandchildren.

Councillor Ian Mollison said: “When the opportunity came up to name the new street I thought it would be a fitting tribute. Thankfully the community council and two other ward councillors agreed.”