Summer Safety campaign

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The Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership are working with The Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, Turning Point Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council, Barnardos and Grampian Police for this summer’s ‘Safer Streets’ campaign.

Over the summer period traditional local shows and marquee dances will be taking place throughout Aberdeenshire which generally pass without incident, however alcohol can play a major role in violent crime and antisocial behaviour and also have a negative effect on individual health and local communities. Funding has been provided by the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership that allows for additional measures to be carried out in an effort to combat this type of crime and damage to health.

During selected events, Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership and Turning Point Scotland staff will be available to offer advice and services for those seeking information on alcohol use and counselling referral to Barnardos. Additional Police Patrols incorporating visits to licensed premises with Aberdeenshire Council Licensing Standards Officers will also occur in the lead up to and during events.

Linda Watt, Health Improvement Officer, Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, provided the following advice, as individuals consistently underestimate their own drinking and at the same time overestimate the drinking behaviour of other persons.

*Men should not exceed 3-4 units in a day or 21 units in a week and should have 2 alcohol free days in one week.

*Women should not exceed 2-3 units in a day or 14 units in a week and should have 2 alcohol free days in a week.

*Pace yourself - plan how long you will be out and how many drinks you have and, to help adhere to the plan, only take the amount of money that you will need with you. Remember to budget for how you will get home safely.

*Dilute your drinks so they last longer.

*Eat prior to consuming alcohol.

*Drink a spacer instead of a chaser.

*Try to drink at the same pace as a slower-drinking friend or companion.

PC Sawers, Aberdeenshire Crime Reduction unit said: “Despite Aberdeenshire being a very low crime area, too much alcohol can ruin the night for some people as they may become involved in an incident due to their own or someone else’s alcohol consumption.”