Support and advice being made available for victims of flooding

the Scottish Flood Forum have set up in the Aberdeenshire Council office on Allardice Street in the wake of recent flooding in Stonehaven.

Forum director, Paul Hendy, is available there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to offer support and advice to victims of the flooding.

His role is to offer specialist advice and covers a wide range of issues including insurance claims, drying out your property and emotional support.

Paul was in Stonehaven to help deal with the aftermath of the 2009 flooding, so he knows the town already and many people will have dealt with him before.

He explained that he didn’t expect to have to return.

He added: “I was one of those people who thought that this would never happen again in Stonehaven, and I apologise.”

Having been flooded before himself, he knows first hand how devastating flooding can be.

He said: “I know what it is to lie in bed worrying about insurance claims and other issues and the fear of being flooded again.

“Our particular role is, first and foremost, following flooding we would come in and work with the community to be able to support you as a whole to get through this tragic experience.

“The one thing people want is security and, at the moment, I feel that the whole community is very vulnerable. Everyone is scared that every time it rains that it is going to happen again.


“I see people who following the floods three years ago are now faced with the fact that they are not insured for flooding. We will work very hard to support those in uninsured properties. I know that the flood fund has been set up and it has money available.”

He is also concerned with large insurance excesses facing those effected by the floods. This is an issue which he can also support and urges anyone facing this problem to visit him.

The Scottish Flood Forum can help with any insurance concerns and can help to make the claim. They will also give advice on how to ensure your property is fully dried out so that further damage is not done by damp.

He said: “No issue that effects you personally is too small, please come and see me. Alot of people I have spoken to over the last two weeks just don’t want to go back to their homes I think people are very frightened what we are mindful of is the impact of trauma and the impact of shock. It is a terrible experience .

“You go through a grieving process, allow yourself to do this and remember you are human not machines. Be there for each other .”

Paul Hendy can be found in the Allardice Street Council office on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am- 2pm, he tends to do home visits before 11am and after 2pm so to confirm is he is in the office before 11am and after 2pm call Paul on 07747702299.

He is available any time for a chat on his mobile or email